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The Best Camping Stoves for All Of Your Outdoor Needs

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If you're shopping for the best camping stove, the good news is that there are lots of solid options out there. However, to find the most suitable pick, you need to consider who you're camping with and what you'll be cooking when you use it — which means you'll need to consider things like BTU output, the number of burners, and cooking area. Of course, the biggest decision to make when finding the best camping stove for you is if you'll need a butane option or a propane one. Quite simply, propane will be the most likely type to suit your needs: it can withstand colder temperatures (butane doesn't work in freezing temps) and is a more reliable fuel source. However, you'll need to bring a propane tank with you, which are likely made of steel or other heavy materials, which could be a negative if you're trying to pack light. Butane models are lighter than carting around a propane tank and they notably don't use an open flame, so if you're a solo camper traveling in arid climates, this will most likely fit your needs.

Most camping stoves come in freestanding styles or tabletop styles. They can have one, two, or three burner options — but weight is certainly a consideration when thinking about making your next camp stove purchase, which can increase significantly as multiple burners get added on. The best camping stove should provide wind protection, have an easy push-button ignition, and provide portability for campers that want to cook in the outdoor world without a lot of hassle. Propane fuel stoves have been commonplace for campers across generations, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. Here are a few of the newest styles and accessorized versions of the modern camping stoves for your consideration.

1. The Best Butane Camping Stove

Coleman Classic 1-Burner Butane Camping Stove - Amazon, $34.99

Here's a fantastic butane stove from top-rated camping brand Coleman, and it's under $35. The burner is standard for cooking outdoors and is lightweight and compact (it weighs just a little over five pounds). It includes a carrying case, which is perfect for those who like keeping their camping equipment organized. As for cooking, you'll obviously only be able to cook one thing at a time, so consider this pick for solo campers or couples. However, it does fit up to one 10-inch pan and has a burn time of 75 minutes on high, so you'll be able to cook up some hearty options.

Fuel Needed: Chef Master Butane Fuel Cylinder (4-Pack) - Amazon, $24.99

2. The Best Propane Camping Stove


Coleman Triton 2-Burner Propane Stove - Amazon, $79.99

Another Coleman option, this two-burner propane stove isn't jammed with too many features, but it promises many years of use by outdoor cooks, and is both reliable and well-liked. With two burners coming in at 11,000 BTUs, this propane-fueled cooker is light enough to be portable and can even be adapted for use with the larger propane tanks of the genre. It can fit up to a 12-inch pan, so this will work with a crowd. It has two wind guards and securely closes shut for easy transport. One five-star reviewer wrote:  It heats up my cast iron in minutes! The side flaps help prevent the wind from blowing out the flame. And once it's off it takes a short time to cool down before storing. Love it!" 

Fuel Needed: Coleman Propane Fuel Tank (2-Pack) - Amazon, $20.99

3. The Best Pick for Backpacking

Jetboil Flash Camping and Backpacking Stove Cooking System - Amazon, $114.95

The Jetboil is a highly popular option that comes in at under 1-pound, and is a must-have for campers who need to travel light. Just push a button and water will boil in around 100 seconds, and a color-changing heat indicator takes the guess work out of when you're ready to go. The set comes with the stove, the cooking cup and lid, the bottom cup, and a fuel stabilizer, and is perfect for things like coffee, soup, ramen, dehydrated meals, MREs, and more. Best of all, you can buy additional accessories like a skillet and even a French Press attachment for cafe-quality coffee anywhere you go. It's a brilliant invention that any backpacker will absolutely love.

Fuel Needed: Jet Boil Jet Power Propane - Amazon, $14.99

4. Our Upgraded, Luxury Pick

Camp Chef Everest - Camp Chef, $169.99

If you really like to go all out on meals during camping trips, this option is slightly more pricey, but worth the expense. It is a two-burner, propane style stove with a 25,000-BTU output that is light enough to take on the road, and still powerful enough to handle all the cooking chores and come back for more. One of the best features of the Camp Chef brand is that they provide a very good simmer control to keep things warm, or for cooking foods slowly like stews or soups. The steel cooking grates are coated in nickel to be long-lasting and able to support cast iron, Dutch Ovens, and other heavy cookware. One reviewer even likes it more than their stove at home: "My gas range sucks in comparison to this little stove. I have much better flame control and it boils water much faster than my range. Get it. Use it. Enjoy it."

Fuel Needed: Coleman Propane Fuel Tank (2-Pack) - Amazon, $20.99

5. A Compact Option That's Worth The Price

Jetboil Genesis Basecamp - Amazon, $269.95

This Jetboil stove is a compact but mighty option — perfect for camping with a smaller group on an off-grid weekend trip. If you're looking for something that can cook delicious food but takes up little space, and you don't mind that it's a little over six pounds, try this option out. It has two burners and folds down flat for easy storage, and the stove boils water in around three minutes. We like that it has plenty of heat settings, too. It even comes with its own line of cookware designed specifically for this stove, like this 5-liter pot with a Flux Ring, which actually helps to heat your food up even faster.

Fuel Needed: Coleman Propane Fuel Tank (2-Pack) - Amazon, $20.99

6. A Larger Camping Stove for Groups

Eureka! Ignite Plus - Amazon, $154.95

This two-burner propane stove with 10,000 BTUs has an easy push-button starter system and excellent simmer control. At only 12 pounds, it has a windscreen and is made of thick-gauge steel and durable latches, so it's less likely to dent or get damaged when transported or moved. This will cook for larger groups: it's the biggest option on the list and will fit two 12-inch skillets. Another reason we like this one is that it has a 360-degree knob that controls temperature very easily — so you can really turn this low if you want to keep dishes warm while you wait for people to return. 

Fuel Needed: Coleman Propane Fuel Tank (2-Pack) - Amazon, $20.99

This article was first published in 2021 and has been updated by the Wide Open Spaces Commerce Team.

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