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5 of the Best Camping Stoves for Your Consideration

best camping stove

If you're looking for a good camping stove, we've got some suggestions.

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Fishing rods, shotguns, and camping stoves: there are a lot of good brands, they are all useful, and you almost can't go wrong with any of them. The fact remains that some stand out above the rest, and that's why we wanted to provide some guidance.

Each year, industry manufacturers come up with new styles, looks, and capabilities that help camping stoves do their job. These take the cake thanks to their BTU output, number of burners, and cooking area size.

Camp Stove Basics

Camp stoves come in freestanding styles or tabletop styles. They can have one, two, or three burner options, and are measured by their power and packability. 

Weight is certainly a consideration when thinking about making your next camp stove purchase, and we've simply tried to show you a number of overall options for your price point and camping style. One of the things that we pay attention to is simmer control, which is typically better in the higher end models, because budget burners can flame out under windy conditions or have trouble at low power levels.

Fuel canisters need to be brought along on your camping trip for a gas or propane stove, which may or may not lead to extra issues.

A good tabletop stove should provide wind protection, have an easy push-button ignition, and provide portability for campers that want to cook in the outdoor world without a lot of hassle. Propane fuel stoves have been commonplace for campers across generations, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are a few of the newest styles and accessorized versions of the modern campstove for your consideration.

Coleman Triton 2-Burner Propane Stove

best camping stove

The Coleman name has been known and trusted for many years by campers and backyard cooking enthusiasts alike. This brand of campstove isn't jammed with too many features, but it promises many years of use by outdoor cooks, it is one of the most reliable and well-liked.

With two burners coming in at 11,000 BTUs, this propane-fueled cooker is light enough to be portable and can even be adapted for use with the larger propane tanks of the genre. It has a decent set of controls and can used to cook a fairly diverse set of outdoor recipes.

Camp Chef Explorer

We love Camp Chef gear, and know you will too. This freestanding, two-burner propane cooker has a great 30,000-BTU output for larger jobs. It does not need a table to be used, nor is it too small for larger pots and pans. It comes with adjustable legs for uneven ground, or the legs can be removed for tabletop use. If you're looking to cook on a cast iron skillet, this is the stove that can handle the heaviest you've got.

The downside is that it is heavier than most camp stoves, doesn't have wind protection, and needs to be manually lit.

Camp Chef Everest

The second listing for this outstanding brand is slightly more pricey, but worth the expense. It is a two-burner, propane style stove with a 20,000-BTU output that is light enough to take on the road, and still powerful enough to handle all the cooking chores and come back for more.

One of the best features of the Camp Chef brand is that they provide a very good simmer control to keep things warm, or cooking foods slowly while you gather the troops for dinner.

Jetboil Genesis Basecamp

best camping stove

This Jetboil stove is for the downsizing crowd with a little less room for transporting gear. It has two burners, is lightweight, and includes a windscreen attachment. This unit is great for backcountry excursions when minimalist camping fans can enjoy an off-grid trip for the weekend.

It comes with its own line of cookware designed specifically for this stove, including the Jetboil Frypan, a 5L Flux Pot, and more.

Eureka! Ignite Plus

best camping stove

This two burner propane powered stove has a push button starter system and and excellent simmer control. At only 12 pounds, it has a windscreen and is made of thick-gauge steel and durable latches, so it's less likely to dent or get damaged when transported or moved.

This will cook for larger groups or a smaller party with equal ease and not take up a lot of room in either the car or at the campsite.

Putting It All Together

We're not here to tell you how to spend your money, only to show and describe some of the things available. Classic camp stoves aren't a minor purchase, and a backpacking stove or other smaller burner stove option can be the only way to feed yourself if you're truly off-grid.

We may want a griddle option for cooking breakfast, or a larger burner to put out a big dinner. 

A freestanding stove is sometimes the best option since it can hold up to the desired heat output for the cooking system that you need. And at other times you may find that simply using a tabletop version with a drip tray makes all of the difference. 

It really boils down to your type of camping as to which camping stove is the best one for you.

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5 of the Best Camping Stoves for Your Consideration