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6 Best Fishing Hats: Bucket, Net Hats & More

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These fishing hats will keep you shaded from the sun.

Sun protection is crucial for fishing trips out on the water. Make sure you're armed with sunscreen, fishing shirts, and buffs — but you'll also need a good fishing hat that keeps your face shaded from the sun's harmful rays. The best fishing hat will be made of sweat-wicking material that will keep you dry, assuring your purchase will do double duty by offering cooling properties and UV-ray protection. Some of these hats have impressive specs for extra coverage as well: like neck flaps to keep your neck safe from sunburn or mesh netting that will keep you protected from bug bites. Not only are these hats worth buying for fishing trips, they'll also come in handy when you're camping or hiking. As long as you're outside this summer, a hat is a must. Whether you prefer bucket hats or caps, we've got you covered (just like these hats, of course). Here are the six best fishing hats for scorching summer days:

1. Our Top Pick

 Bora Bora™ II Booney

Bora Bora™ II Booney - Columbia, $30

Columbia is a great outdoor brand for all things fishing. The Bora Bora Booney II hat has built-in UPF 50+ protection (the best rating to keep you safe from the sun's rays). The modified fibers block both UVA- and UVB-rays. The wide brim sun hat also has a sweat-wicking sweatband to keep you dry and a mesh vent to keep you cool. This will actively pull moisture away from your skin and keeps the hat breathable. The Booney hat is one size fits all, but there's an adjustable drawcord on the wide brim fishing hat. We love this hat because it can be used in a number of outdoor activities, it's easy to fold up and store in a small space like a glove compartment, and has breathable fabric.

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2. Best Budget Option 

EONPOW Fishing Hat

EONPOW Fishing Hat - Amazon, $13.99

For under $15, you can get this bucket hat from Amazon, but don't let the price fool you — it's waterproof and offers great sun protection. We like this fishing bucket hat a lot, and if you need something on the budget-friendly side but like the Columbia hats, we recommend this one. It still offers UPF 50+ sun protection, and is quick-drying, lightweight, and stain-resistant. It has a breathable mesh vent, making this a great fly fishing hat for summertime. There is a drawstring closure with adjustable Velcro and an adjustable chin strap. Adjust it to your liking, especially on windy days where your hat may lift. Reviewers note this one is great for larger head sizes, so if that's you, perhaps try this one first.

3. Best Cap for Neck Protection

Magg Men's Fishing Hat

Magg Men's Fishing Hat - Walmart, $9.99

Here's a top pick from Walmart. This sweat-wicking fishing cap is another affordable option, and anglers love it. The flap is perfect for keeping your neck protected from harmful rays — and can be perfect for someone who tends to sunburn on the neck but still enjoys the wear and feel of a baseball cap. The neck flap is also removable, and comes in a few color options. The cotton blend hat is one size fits most and is machine-washable.

4. An Option That Works in All Types of Weather

KOOLSOLY Fishing Hat

KOOLSOLY Fishing Hat - Amazon, $11.04

This hat offers 360-degree protection from UV rays, and is highly recommended if you fish all year round, because it protects from the wind and other harsh conditions. The hat has a neck flap and face mask to keep you safe from harmful rays — and is removable so you can customize it to your needs for each trip. The face protector is breathable and is great for keeping your nose safe from dust and dirt. It's super lightweight, quick-drying, and offers 50+ UPF protection. It's also waterproof, which is great if rain is on the forecast. Be sure to take advantage of the adjustable chin strap, so it fits correctly.

5. Best Hat for Sun + Mosquito Protection

USHAKE Head Net Hat

USHAKE Head Net Hat - Amazon, $19.95

Do the mosquitoes just love you? Good news — if you fish in areas with bug problems, then consider this sun protection hat. It'll keep gnats out of your face so you can enjoy your fishing trip, and the mesh net can be adjusted. It's made of nylon and fits most everyone — plus, it can be hand washed in cold water. The sun hat allows for good circulation, and customers write it's still breathable while keeping those nasty bugs away.

6. Best Baseball-Style Fishing Hat

Columbia PFG Fishing Hook Mesh Ball Cap for Men

Columbia PFG Fishing Hook Mesh Ball Cap for Men - Cabela's, $30

If you prefer baseball caps, then consider this hat. It has a mesh vent in the back to keep your head cool. The cap is made of polyester, cotton, and Spandex. The breathable and lightweight fitted cap has reviewers raving about how comfortable it is. But note: it can fly off your head easier than the other options, so pick this one if you're doing a more casual fishing excursion. The hat comes in two sizes for a perfect fit.

This post was originally published in 2019.