An angler pulling a beach fishing cart.

Beach Fishing Carts that Make Hauling Gear to the Surf Easy

A good beach fishing cart makes hauling gear easier.

Beach or pier fishing can be a lot of fun. There's only one aspect we don't enjoy and that's hauling all our necessary fishing rods and gear from the parking lot to the spot we're fishing. All that gear can be quite heavy. No one likes making multiple trips where you're forced to leave something unguarded on the beach while packing everything back in your vehicle at the end of a long day.

The solution for anglers is to pick up a good beach fishing cart that will allow you to get all that gear to your fishing spot and back in a single trip. When considering a cart, ones with large wheels that won't sink into the soft sand are preferable. Trust us, you don't want your cart to struggle through sand when it is loaded down with tackle, a heavy cooler, and other gear.

Fortunately, many tackle manufacturers have recognized the popularity of pier and beach fishing. As a result, there's a bevy of options out there for beach carts that are built specifically with anglers in mind. Most are built tough with the corrosion-resistant qualities the most dedicated saltwater anglers demand. Most also come fitted with fishing rod holders to protect your expensive setups during transport.

Some of the top options for beach fishing carts are readily available through online marketplaces. These carts will leave you wondering why you didn't purchase one sooner after just one trip.

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Drifter Marine Pier Cart Combo

Drifter Marine sells just the cart, but this combo package offers a little more bang for your buck because they include a liner and a cutting board system to prep your catch for the dinner table later. This cart has a 125-pound cargo capacity, and the liner has a mesh bottom, so you won't have to constantly empty it of sand and other debris. This cutting board also holds a bucket for your bait and has holes for your pliers and other fishing tools.

Juggernaut Blue Fish and Marine Cart

With a 220-pound weight limit, this one is built for anglers with a ton of gear. This cart has eight rod holders and features a stainless steel and aluminum construction that make it perfect for saltwater. This utility cart features some large tires that will easily roll over any terrain you encounter between your fishing spot and the parking lot.

Sea Striker Deluxe Beach Cart

This cart features a nice powder coat finish that will protect it from the elements for years of use. The frame is specifically built to hold a 54-quart cooler. There are seven PVC holders for your pier or surf fishing rods. Meanwhile, the large tires make it easy to pull this one behind you to your favorite spots. At $129, this is an extremely affordable option that will make your shore fishing trips a lot more pleasant.

Fish N Mate

This rugged cart has four rod holders on booth the front and back parts of the cart, so you won't need to make any hard decisions on which rig to leave behind. It has a 200-pound carrying capacity, while the cart itself only weighs about 24 pounds. It's a little more expensive than some of the others on this list. However, this cart gets high praise from users for its durability and hauling capabilities.

Generic Fishing Cart

Sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to the perfect beach fishing cart. This cart features four PVC rod holders and ten-inch pneumatic tires that make it easy to roll from your vehicle to the pier and anywhere else you need to haul your gear. It features a tough galvanized steel construction that should last through years of fishing trips.

Berkley Sportsman's Pro Cart

This cart has a few features that aren't available from the others on this list. For one, this one has a 300-pound weight capacity, but has a more compact package overall. The handle on this one extends so you can more easily store it when not in use. Berkley built this cart with four removable rod holders and a storage area that can hold eight tackle trays. At the same time this cart only weighs 20 pounds which makes it easy for anyone to use.

Mac Sports Collapsible Utility Wagon

This wagon is not fishing-specific but can be easily used to carry your angling accessories. A few modifications to add some rod holders are just about all you need. This cart completely collapses, which makes it easy to stow. The sides are made of a 600-denier fabric that will help it stand up to years of abuse. It can handle 150 pounds of equipment, and has a small rear folding table complete with cup holders to keep your refreshments while waiting for the big one to bite.

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