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The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower Is a Must-Have Camping Accessory

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower FI

The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower may be featherlight, but don't underestimate its ability to clean you up.

Getting dirty is just one of the inconveniences of camping. It's inevitable, but it's expected. However, it becomes more of an issue when you're trying to get comfy before bed. Everyone yearns for a warm shower after a long day of backpacking and exploring, but depending on where you're camping, it might not be realistic at the end of the day.

I highly recommend portable showers. You'll be able to get plenty of uses out of them (depending on the size), but they're not exactly the product you want to carry with you. 50 pounds of water is pretty heavy. Instead, consider a pocket-sized shower.

Sea To Summit Pocket Shower

Sea To Summit Pocket Shower
  • Contoured twist-mechanism shower head offers equal spray dispersion
  • Specs: D-rings and 20-foot cord included for universal placement
  • Flow of water: gravity

All you need to do is fill the Sea to Summit Pocket shower with water, hang it on a tree branch, and enjoy your shower. The bag holds enough water for an 8-minute shower or 10 liters of water. Once the bag is out of water, you can use it as a dry bag to hold your belongings.

Outdoorsmen are reviewing the little shower gadget on YouTube and are saying great things about this high-quality compact showerhead. Check out this video.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

Backcountry customer reviews are just as great. People are using the ultralight shower gadget to rinse their hands, cookware, and to brush their teeth. You can find this must-have gadget on Backcountry and Amazon for less than $40.

As I mentioned, larger portable showers are ideal if you don't plan to carry them around. Solar showers are heavy, so consider those if you plan to leave them at the campsite or have a large group that needs a shower with hot water. (However, a cold water shower will feel great if it's hot outside.)

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower 3

Showering outside just got easier. Add this product to your wishlist today.

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The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower Is a Must-Have Camping Accessory