The Shower These Two Guys Build in the Jungle Is Incredible

This jungle shower definitely required a lot of work, but the end product is pretty darn cool.

Two guys in a jungle somewhere decided living in a small dirt hut just wasn't cutting it. Living this way probably started to get a little smelly, so they did the only logical thing they could. They built an elaborate shower!

Now admittedly, this is a complicated and lengthy build that requiring a lot of resources, time and energy. In fact, they may have made the shower just to clean themselves up after building it!

But regardless of the practicality of this luxurious outdoor plumbing, the results are pretty impressive.

It seems pretty clear these folks have taken a page from our favorite jungle primitive technology expert. Their videos follow basically the same format.

But many of their projects seem to be slightly more "frivolous" and elaborate in construction than his. That's not a criticism, as I enjoy seeing what people can accomplish with raw materials, regardless of the project's practicality.

It does seem like these guys put a whole lot of sweat equity into this shower system, as a quick scrub down in a creek would have done just as well.

But nevertheless, kudos to these guys for their creativity and effort!

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