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Cambodian Lad Makes Ingenious Bird Trap... And Catches Something!

A Cambodian fellow builds a clever and very effective bird trap that utilizes a spring loaded snare, and two hours later he's got something!

Here's an elaborate and ingenious bird trap that you can add to your arsenal of survival snares and traps.

This trap comes courtesy of the Cambodian Wilderness Channel, a youtube channel that highlights many bushcraft and survival traps for catching birds and small game. We'll be sharing a few of their more interesting snares and traps in the coming months.

Unfortunately, there isn't much narrative explanation associated with the trap. The video simply shows the boy building it and ultimately catching a bird in it.

Clearly the trap is effective. You just have to watch the video a few times to understand the procedure for constructing it. I do like the spring loaded snare part of the construction. It is very similar to the Spanish Windlass Snare that Shawn Woods constructed in another video. I'd suggest going to that article to get a real understanding of how to build this trap.

It's wise to know how to create several different kinds of snares and traps and add them to your repertoire of survival or bushcraft skills. The more you know, the more you'll be able to adapt to different circumstances and increase you survival odds should you ever find yourself in such a situation, or simply increase your outdoor enjoyment and ability to live off the land.

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