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How to Make an Attractive and Functional Primitive Fish Trap

Catching fish in a survival situation could mean the difference between comfort and hunger. Make this fish trap to increase your chances for a full belly.

Here's how to fashion a primitive fish trap. All you really need is some twigs and cordage.

What you need to do is to create five rings of various sizes from very pliable or split twigs. Young, spit twigs from a sapling should work well. Form them into a circle and tie them in place with cordage.

If you don't have twine or string you can use cordage made from split spruce roots or from plants such as nettles.

Then, take three of the larger rings and separate them relatively equidistant from one another by lashing a longer, heavier twig to all three. Continue lashing other similar sized twigs around each of the three rings, until you get a uniformly shaped basket.

Next, do basically the same thing with the two smaller rings by lashing shorter twigs to them to create a funnel. Insert this funnel into the large end of the larger basket.

Now you can permanently lash this in place or, as this man does, tie it in place in just a couple of spots so that it can easily be removed. He permanently tied cross pieces at the far end and removed fish by untying the funnel end. I would instead permanently tie the funnel in place and create a hinged door at the smaller end from which to remove any fish caught.

But it is an attractive and functional fish trap regardless. If you are in a survival situation you could make several of these to increase your chances of success. Weight them down with rocks, attach a line to them and add some sort of bait to the interior of possible. Place in advantageous locations for success.

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How to Make an Attractive and Functional Primitive Fish Trap