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Primitive Technology: Build a Rain-Proof Hut in the Jungle

Here is how one man built a rain-proof hut, complete with thatched roof and wattle-and-daub sidewalls, using nothing but a stone axe and his bare hands.

By now you should all be familiar with this guy's advanced bushcraft skills. He's produced an incredible diary of so-called "primitive" projects, using only tools and materials he gathers from the forest.

Here he builds another hut, although this one is a bit more elaborate than previous ones he's built. This hut is circular (similar in format to a yurt). It has a roof of overlapping, split palm leaves and partial sidewalls fashioned with wattle-and-daub construction.

We've seen him create similar structures like this before, but every project he does seems to offer something new and educational. This one is no different.

His use of withies (narrow, flexible branches or roots used to lash things together) is exceptional. He uses them to tie every component of the hut together, making for an exceptionally solid structure. You don't need manufactured rope or line to bind things, just the knowledge to make use of what the forest provides.

His wattle-and-daub walls further bind the structure together, making for a basically permanent dwelling. And by now, his skill in constructing a thatched roof is outstanding. He proves its resistance to the weather by filming the dry interior and floor while a rain storm rages just outside.

Be sure to check out his website, where he thoroughly explains how he performs every project he undertakes.

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