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Primitive Technology: Building a Grass Hut Shelter in Less Than a Week

grass hut

This grass hut shelter appears quite easy to build. In a place with sufficient grass you should be able to duplicate it in less than a week.

Our man in the Australian outback has built himself a grass hut. He did it in less than a week’s time. He would have finished it even sooner if he had been in an area where grass was more abundant.

As it was, he indicated that he had to move a ways out of the jungle and further into the mountain to harvest enough grass to complete the structure. But it came out beautifully, a perfect dome shape and looks to be very solid.

He mentioned that he built the grass hut in order to get away from the mosquitos in the wet season. It’s just a couple hundred meters away from his earlier projects: a tiled roofed hut and a wattle and daub hut.

With his only tools being sharp stones and a digging stick, he created a simple yet sturdy frame or skeleton of the dome. He used eight poles driven into the ground and eight vertical rings more or less evenly spaced rising from bottom to top.

Then, using nothing more than a sharp stone, he cut bunches of long grass and tied it to the frame using a vine to secure it.

Finally, he made a small cap piece for the entire shelter, and swing it into place with a long forked stick.

The grass hut is simple, but looks quite stout and like it will shed water adequately. He finished it in a week’s time, but would have been able to complete it in less time had he not had to travel some way to get more grass.

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Primitive Technology: Building a Grass Hut Shelter in Less Than a Week