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Portable Ice Makers Add Cool Factor to Any Camping or RV Trip

Portable Ice Makers

If you're RV camping, you can ditch the cooler full of ice for a portable ice maker.

Keeping a lot of ice handy on camping trips is crucial, especially if you're packing ice for cold drinks and fresh food.

Stopping by a convenience store for multiple bags of ice before setting up camp is normally on the to-do list for most campers. This usually takes up tons of space in the RV freezer or just puts someone in charge of carrying a heavy cooler full of ice.

To save room, a portable ice maker is the best option.

Countertop ice makers are very convenient. They don't take up much space and you can find them for around $100. Their portability is also a plus. It sure does beat carrying a heavy cooler.

If your camping crew just seems to never have enough ice or you have a spouse that just won't fill up an ice tray, it's time for an ice maker machine.

Our Pick From Walmart

Frigidaire 26 lb. Countertop Ice Maker EFIC117-SS, Red Stainless Steel

Frigidaire 26 lb

Frigidaire has one of the best portable ice makers available. You'll really like the compact design. RV countertop space can be pretty limited, so you don't have to trade freezer space for crowded counter space.

This stainless steel ice maker produces 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours, but there is 2.5 pound storage capacity. Once you choose an ice setting, you'll have a batch of ice in seven minutes. Many customers are pleased with the ice cube size.

Our Pick From Amazon

NewAir ClearIce40, Countertop Clear Ice Maker Machine

NewAir Clear Ice

The NewAir ice maker is definitely larger than the Frigidaire portable countertop ice maker. The production capacity is 40 pounds per day. If 20-30 pounds isn't going to cut it for you, this is definitely something you should look into.

Our Pick From Home Depot

Premium 50 lb. BPA FREE Countertop Freestanding Ice Maker

Home Depot

NewAir is definitely a top brand for portable ice makers. It's the big ticket item on this list, but judging by reviews it's worth every penny. It's self cleaning and can produce 50 pounds of ice a day.

If you're picky about ice size, you'll also like that you'll be able to choose from three different sizes. I'm pretty picky about ice. If I'm drinking a soda, I definitely want small ice similar to Sonic so I can chew it after. If I'm drinking a glass of water, I want large ice cubes. With this maker, there's an automatic shut off and it comes with an ice scoop.

If you're wanting something more budget-friendly, check out compact ice makers from Magic Chef, Della, and Whynter. They have a fantastic ice production and ice storage. Ditch the ice bucket and get a portable ice maker.



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Portable Ice Makers Add Cool Factor to Any Camping or RV Trip