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The 8 Best Sleeping Bags for A Comfortable Night of Camping

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The best sleeping bags for camping will keep you comfortable and secure at night, no matter the weather. 

If you've ever spent a night on the trail too cold to sleep and desperate to see the sunrise, then you truly understand the importance of a comfortable sleeping bag. The good news is that we found the best sleeping gear out there so you won't have to deal with that again. If you're in the market for the best sleeping bag for camping, you may start by looking for the best value. But because your sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your trail bag or backpack, then the cost should be secondary. You should first consider things like seasonality and the weather conditions where you camp. Then, consider things like down material versus synthetic material, as well as the length of the bag. We noted all of these specs as we chose our top picks.

What to Look for in a Sleeping Bag

While some of these sleeping bags are made for the coldest conditions, it's pretty obvious that most of us that love to camp want to do it when the warmer weather comes around. Even then, nights spent outdoors at any time of the year can get chilly, especially when it's raining. You can wear some extra layers, but only you know whether or not you are a hot or cold sleeper. That means choosing the right temperature rating for your sleeping bag is another top priority. Higher fill power down simply means that it weighs less and compresses more than lower fill power down, and it's going to have different results if the stuffing includes other synthetic materials. For people that are taller, you should be able to check the manufacturer's design labels to see if they offer a bag that will fit your height. In terms of type, mummy bags are generally made to be more slender inside where quilts have much more width.

Anyone can find a sleeping bag that's not terribly expensive for camping out in the backyard or even in the back room if you have guests, but a good outdoor sleep system should provide extra warmth, packability, and the versatility to use them in multiple conditions. From cold weather hikers to weekend warriors, you should be able to find a toasty option that will fit the bill. For the serious extreme camping and hiking enthusiast, these are just the tip of the iceberg in compressible, down-filled, and synthetic insulation bags. We don't all need a high-end, top of the line bag with specs like hydrophobic down, but if you're looking for a bag that fills a certain need, here are our picks below:

1. A Mummy Option for Backpacking

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REI Co-op Magma 30 - REI, $349.00

At just under two pounds, this bag offers both lightweight fabric and warmth at a cost below what you might expect for the quality. For a sleeping bag that rolls up tiny, this would be ideal for the summer months and for backpacking. The Magma 30 has a ton of knee and foot space, as well as a fitted silhouette — which gives this bag the most efficient warmth-to-weight ratio in a goose down sleeping bag. It's water-resistant and fits a person up to 72 inches in the regular size and 78 inches in the long.

Temperature Rating: 30 Degrees Fahrenheit

2. A Mummy Option For Colder Weather



Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20 - Moosejaw, $169.00

The Marmot Trestles Elite Eco bag comes in both men's and women's models, and it is simply a great bag for the price. It's a synthetic option whose liner is comprised of 20-denier recycled ripstop polyester that is field tested for a rating of a 32 degree comfort level and a maximum rating of 20 degrees. At just over two pounds, it may be a bit heavier than a down-filled bag of the same size, but it does include a compression stuff sack and separate storage bag. It fits someone up to 72 inches long.

Temperature Rating: 20 Degrees Fahrenheit

3. The Best Mummy Option for Cold Weather


Nemo Equipment Disco 15 Sleeping Bag - Backcountry, $299.00+

The NEMO Disco 15 is a great bag for those that like more room to stretch — and this one is so comfortable, it feels like you're inside of a giant pillow. It's a little more bulky than the other two, but it also features a pocket to hold your pillow in place. It is filled with a water-resistant down that won't lose its warmth if it gets wet, and the spoon shape makes it great for side sleepers. For those of you that are interested in camping with a loved one, it can include a left-side zipper to allow the bag to be zipped together with a right-zipper bag to create a double bed. It fits people up to 78 inches long.

Temperature Rating: 15 Degrees Fahrenheit

5. A Mummy Option With a 0 Degree Temperature Rating


Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass Sleeping Bag - REI, $315.00

This lightweight, durable, and water-repellant 0 degree sleeping bag from Mountain Hardwear has lots of specs that make this a great cold weather option. It has more room than the standard mummy fit for extra comfort, a shaped draft color and face gasket that easily lets warm air in and cold air out, and a footbox with a 2-way zipper to ventilate your feet without unzipping the whole bag. The zipper is also glow-in-the-dark, and it has an internal pocket, too. Notably, this is a 0 degree bag, meaning it can certainly withstand the cold.

Temperature Rating: 0 Degrees Fahrenheit

6. A Quilt Option That Fits Two People

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The North Face Eco Trail Double Sleeping Bag - REI, $199.00

This 2-person sleeping bag is made of 100% recycled synthetic fibers rather than goose down. It's made for two people to cozy up in and has nice features like an internal phone pocket, a wraparound zipper to let the bag lie flat, and an additional side zipper so you can sit up without having to unzip too far down. Many reviewers say this is fantastic for car camping.

Temperature Rating: 20 Degrees Fahrenheit

7. A Great Quilt Option for Casual Campers


Kelly Catena 30 Sleeping Bag - REI, $59.95

If you're a casual camper that likes to pitch a tent for one or two nights on a campground in the warmer months, you don't need to spend a fortune on a sleeping bag that delivers both warm and comfort. The Kelty Catena 30 is made with warm synthetic fabric and is perfect for hot weather or nights with al light breeze. You can unzip it all the way down to use as a blanket, too.

Temperature Rating: 30 Degrees Fahrenheit

8. The Best Sleeping Bag for Kids


Soulout Sleeping Bag - Amazon, $33.52


If you're summer camping with kids, this simple but effective sleeping bag is an affordable pick that works great. It has a waterproof, double-layer lining that will keep you dry in wet or damp conditions. You can zip two together to create a larger sleeping bag, too. Reviewers love this for kids sleepovers in the backyard, sleep away camp, and other fun summer adventures.

Temperature Rating: 32 Degrees Fahrenheit

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