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5 Top Sleeping Bags for a Good Night's Sleep While Camping

Top Sleeping Bags

There's never a reason to be uncomfortable while camping, and these five top sleeping bags will all do the job.

If you've ever spent a night on the trail too cold to sleep and desperate to see the sunrise, then you truly understand the importance of a top sleeping bag.

The good news is that other folks who have already gone through this wretched situation have come up with some of the best sleeping gear out there, and it's all relatively easy to find and acquire.

You may be looking for the best value for the price (and who isn't?), but since your sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your trail bag or backpack, then the cost should be secondary.

You can talk about down versus synthetic, flexibility, and comfort, but there are other considerations like time of the year, conditions, and even differing gender styles to take into account. Whether you require a mummy bag or a quilt bag depends on a few factors as well.

Here are some top choices to consider, each with their own unique advantages.

REI Co-op Magma 30

top sleeping bags

At just under two pounds, this bag offers warmth, lightweight fabric, and a cost below what you might expect. For a sleeping bag that has great backpacking applications, this would be ideal for the summer months.

The Magma 30 has a ton of knee and foot space and a fitted silhouette which gives this bag the most efficient warmth-to-weight ratio in a down sleeping bag.

Marmot Trestles Elite Eco 20

top sleeping bags

The Marmot Trestles Elite Eco bag comes in both men's and women's specific models, and it is simply a great bag for the price. This is a synthetic bag whose liner is comprised of 20-denier recycled ripstop polyester that is field tested for a rating of a 32 degree comfort level.

At just over two pounds, it may be a bit heavier than a down-filled bag of the same size, but it does include a compression stuff sack and separate storage bag.

NEMO Disco 15

top sleeping bags

The NEMO Disco 15 is a great bag for those that like more room to stretch and feeling like they're inside of a giant pillow. Sure, it's a little more bulky, but it also features a pocket to hold your pillow in place.

It is filled with a water-resistant down, and for those of you that are interested in camping with a loved one, it can include a left-side zipper to allow the bag to be zipped together with a right-zipper bag to create a double bed.

Women's Kelty Cosmic 20

top sleeping bags

The Kelty Cosmic 20 is not only made for women, but is warm, comfy, and looks great too. This sleeping bag may be better for weekend campers that love nothing better but to get down to the state park to get away without sacrificing any comfort.

Western Mountaineering Alpinlite


If you're interested in a lightweight, high quality sleeping bag for the serious camper that would like to defeat the cold and be completely comfortable, this Western Mountaineering Alpinlite bag is the real deal. It comes fitted with a 850 plus fill power goose down lining, a snag-free zipper, and a 12 denier fabric shell that is also water resistant.

It has one of the best footbox and hood systems, and its full-length draft tube makes any serious camping enthusiast happy.

What to Look for in a Good Sleeping Bag

While some of these outstanding sleeping bags are made to be rated for the coldest camping, it's pretty obvious that most of us that love to camp want to do it when the warmer weather comes around. Even then, nights spent outdoors at any time of the year can get chilly, especially when it's raining.

You can wear some extra layers, but only you know whether or not you are a hot or cold sleeper. That means choosing the right temperature rating for your sleeping bag becomes a priority. 

Just remember that these ratings are an estimation of what the product can endure without taking into account the individual human factor.

Higher fill power down simply means that it weighs less and compresses more than lower fill power down, and it's going to have different effects if the stuffing includes other synthetic materials.

For big and tall men, and women that fit that description, you should be able to check the manufacturer's design labels to see if they offer a bag that will fit your height. Remember that mummy bags are generally made to be more slender inside where quilts have many more width.

Choosing a Top Sleeping Bag

Top picks for a good sleeping bag are of course subjective, but hopefully these suggestions can give you a head start. Anyone can find a sleeping bag that's not terribly expensive for camping out in the backyard or even in the back room if you have guests, but a good outdoor sleep system should provide extra warmth, packability, and the versatility to use in multiple conditions.

From cold weather hikers to weekend warriors, you should be able to find a toasty, unisex rectangular bag that will fill the bill. For the serious extreme camping and hiking enthusiast, these are just the tip of the iceberg in compressible, down-filled, and synthetic insulation rated bags.

We don't all need a high-end, top of the line bag with an anti snag zipper and a venting system with hydrophobic down, but if you're looking for a bag that fills a need, your search hopefully got some assistance.

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5 Top Sleeping Bags for a Good Night's Sleep While Camping