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3 Waterproof Bandages Perfect for First Aid Kits, Camping, and Hiking

These waterproof bandages are heavy-duty and super water-resistant.

Finding a good waterproof bandage often seems more difficult than it needs to be, and a lot of the Band-Aids found in first-aid kits and packs of medical supplies come off at the first sign of water, which can be super inconvenient.

This is especially true if you're outdoors, camping or hiking and need to keep any cuts or wounds clean.

Whether you need pain relief for blisters out on a hike or a variety pack to stock up your first-aid kit, these waterproof adhesive bandages are heavy-duty and perfect for any occasion.

1. Nexcare Waterproof Bandages Family Pack, Assorted Sizes, Tan, 100 Count

This variety pack of Nexcare waterproof bandages comes in several sizes and guarantees to stay on in the water, whether you dip into the pool, take a shower, or go for a swim. They're great to take along on camping trips to cover any scrapes or cuts you may get while out in the wild. You can find them on Amazon at similar pricing to stores.

2. Band-Aid Brand Water Block Flex 100% Waterproof Adhesive Bandages for First-Aid Wound Care of Minor Cuts, Scrapes & Wounds, Ultra-Flexible Design, Sterile, All One Size, 20 ct

Johnson & Johnson Band-Aids are a tried and true adhesive bandage that practically everyone trusts, and for a good reason. These waterproof Band-Aids are perfect for minor cuts and scrapes, and the fabric-like material is super ultra-flexible, so it can cover parts of your body that other coverings may not be able to stick to.

3. Nexcare Max Hold Waterproof Bandages, Clear, 6 ct Knee & Elbow

These extra-large bandages from Nexcare are perfect for larger scrapes, such as abrasions or bigger cuts. These clear bandages are relatively unnoticeable, and the nonstick pad makes them more breathable for better pain relief. Nexcare waterproof clear bandages are a must-have addition to any first-aid kit.