Tools For A Hunting Property Owner

8 Tools a Hunting Property Owner Needs in Their Possession

Here are eight tools every hunting property owner needs to be in control of their deer land.

If you have some hunting land, then by all means you know you've got to keep it attractive to your local game animal population. With today's large-market food plots, ATVs and other engine powered vehicles are a must, but at some point you will need to get off of the tractor and do the work with your own hands.

Short of fencing, trail cameras, and signs for posting your property lines, the supplies you'll need for hunting land management come in many forms.

Things like treestand placement, funnels, travel corridors, and especially shooting lanes are all maintained with these sorts of tools, and they just change just about every year.

Good land maintenance and habitat promotion will help any hunter, deer or otherwise, attract the right kind of game animals. Here's the list of hand tools that will help get the job done.


You're going to have to do some cutting eventually, and you need the right tools with you when you do it. Getting limbs cut down from the ground or trimming what you can reach by hand usually means some work, but these tools will help.

1. Megabite Hunter's Combo

This particular combo comes with two different blade options, the eight-inch bone blade and the eight-inch XP 4-edge tooth blade. They give you have the ability to cut branches and then cut bone. This tool is handy to have before and during every season, making it an important part of your multi-use arsenal.

2. Extendable Saw

With the ability to collapse and extend, and an aluminum handle with the featured SK5 steel blade, this Hooyman Pole Saw is one of the most valuable tools for property owners year round. A good quality pole saw should be a part of every hunters equipment.

Digging Tools

It's more than obvious that we all will need to break ground at some point to grow, dig out, or plant something that will keep deer in the area. There are many forms of digging tools out there, and just a few that work better than some.

3. Shovel

This Hooyman shovel is an ordinary task master for those who need to dig in and around the root systems of trees and brush. It's also great for effectively digging up plants and trenches in food plots to keep from damaging the important stuff.

4. Pick Mattock

At only five pounds, this is one pick that will do the work for you. The ergonomic, no-slip grip and reinforced fiberglass core will last a lifetime and keep prying loose stubborn dry ground. We should all have a proper pick, but this lightweight version works great and won't wear you out.

Cutting Tools

These are for a more precise form of cutting, including for more specific uses than other tools. having these at your disposal can make short work of tougher jobs that sometimes need a larger tool, without having to lug one around everywhere.

5. Hook 'Em Machete

The stainless steel 17-1/2-inch blade is made to divide and cut through the vegetation, brush, and low-lying branches out of the way without always having to stop and grip them. This version also includes a custom sheath with belt loops for easy carry, as well as a peg hole in the handle for storage.

6. Hatchet

Since we all should have our own hatchet by now, then this one is a custom model which has a great use in the field for property owners. The high-carbon steel in this one features a stronger and thicker blade than most allowing the edge to stay sharper longer, especially for those of us who miss the target.

Trimming Tools

Sure, these can come under the other cutting categories, but these specific purpose tools have always had their place at our side. When you really need to do some precise trimming, you don't need a limb saw or even a chainsaw, just one of these hand-held tools that will make the job easier.

7. Ratchet Pruner

This is a tool whose time has long since come for land managers with deer hunting property. Ratchet pruners are made for maximum cutting power with ease of use to give the user a way to cut brush and small limbs with a pruner that's much smaller than others. 

8. Forged Loppers

Every kind of hunter and property owner needs a good pair of loppers to trim difficult limbs and smaller branches out of the way, especially for cutting shooting lanes. They are simple to carry, razor sharp, and stay out of the way until you need them.

Other Considerations

Hunting gear comes in many forms and deer hunters in particular need more than just a hunting map of their hunting area. 

Before you know it, big game hunting season arrives, and it's the work you did ahead of time that really pays off. For hunters everywhere, having all of these considerations taken care of long before Opening Day is imperative.

Besides, owning a hunting property is an incredible thing, and taking care of it just makes sense.

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