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BUBBA Stays Sharp: Reimagined Brand Pushes Beyond Just Blades

BUBBA Blade is no longer just a knife brand, but rather a staple of the outdoors industry.

Every successful outdoors brand has one thing in common: the effective ability to capture the entire essence of the lifestyle attached to their products. As a byproduct, these top-tier brands become not just a source for tools essential to time afield, but also a cornerstone of the outdoors community.

Similar to a brand of the YETI variety, BUBBA is expanding beyond just its renowned blades and moving itself into a more all-encompassing position.

Starting in 2011, BUBBA saw a gap in the fillet knife market, as most fishermen knew of nothing but the standard, wood-handled Rapala fillet knife.

bubba knife

By using an ergonomic, non-slip grip, as well as high-quality stainless steel blade, BUBBA quickly reinvented the fillet knife.

"The demand for a quality fillet knife—a really innovative fillet knife—was there," said BUBBA brand manager Josh Neville. "That's something we still live by."

After raising the bar for the standard fillet knife, BUBBA product developers realized they'd hit a ceiling, but still had the ability to explore other sectors of the fishing market.

Soon came electric fillet knives, carbon fiber gaffs and nets, hook removers, various fishing pliers, and an expansive collection of blades.

"We wanted to take BUBBA to the next level to be a bigger brand that we knew it could be, combining those values that come with the red handle and taking them into new categories and building a true lifestyle around it," Neville said. "We want to build products that support that lifestyle and last a lifetime."

In the last year, BUBBA has taken even more steps forward. Not only did they invented the very first fillet knife with interchangeable tang blades, but they also completely reengineered their famous electric fillet knife to make it safer and more efficient.

bubba knife

From a wider lens, we can see BUBBA's commitment to championing the fishing lifestyle.

They've moved into the kitchen with their new oyster knives and Ulu blades, and they've also moved into the digital content arena, as they recently launched their new video series, "The Ultimate Lifestyle."

"We all want to tell the story of people who truly live that BUBBA ultimate lifestyle," Neville said. "The inspiration behind the series was to convey an aspirational message."

By capturing the kinds of experiences attached to the products they offer, BUBBA looks to showcase the lifestyle of those true fishermen who depend on high-quality, reliable blades.

bubba knife

"Telling that water-to-plate story resonates with a larger audience out there that we can not only reach, but also bring into the angling world."

Be sure to check out BUBBA.com to see more products!