How a Cellular Trail Camera Like the Moultrie X-6000 Can Be the Scouting Difference Maker

Cellular trail cameras are changing with the digital times and making scouting more convenient than ever. 

Trail cameras have been tools outdoorsmen have used for years now, but the way many of the companies have recently incorporated cellular abilities into these cameras is shifting the game.

This ability gives the camera the power to send recently taken pictures straight to your cell phone, without you ever having to step foot in your hunting area.

Of course, it comes with a small fee for the data usage, but for many it could be the difference between taking down your target buck or not. 

When we gave the Moultrie X-6000 a thorough test, we quickly realized the handiness of receiving your photos this way on a daily basis.

Here's a quick rundown of the X-6000's specs:

  • Resolution: 16MP
  • Trigger Speed: 0.9s
  • Detection Range: 80 Feet 
  • Price: 119.99
  • Fees vary based on data usage
  • AT&T and Verizon Data plans available. 

To give you an idea of what I was receiving wirelessly, here are a few shots the camera helped me capture at my West Texas Deer lease.

The first one really shows off the range of the camera, depicting a trotting hog at about 25 yards. 

The second shows off the resolution, allowing you to differentiate between the exotic fallow deer species on the left from a normal whitetail on the right. 

And of course, the main objective is to capture photos of bucks that we'd like to harvest. This bruiser showed up at night, and though I was unable to encounter him during the daylight hours, I was able to pattern his movement in near-real time using the X-6000.

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of the camera. I was able to set up the cellular capabilities with ease and pictures started flowing into my phone almost instantly.

My only drawback to point out is how addicted I became to receiving new pictures! As if we don't have enough on our phones to distract us nowadays, I'm now able to satisfy my deer-viewing itch way easy and way faster than I was ever able to before.

I'll be putting the Moultrie X-6000 Cellular Trail Camera to good use all year long, and hopefully, when the season comes around, it pays off.