Gear Review: Vincero Watches Are Tough Enough for Outdoorsmen

Vincero Watches were designed with refined looks in mind, but they're durable enough to keep up with an avid outdoorsman as well.

It's hard to find the specific reasons a watch would make for a good piece of outdoorsmen equipment. Thanks to all the other technological advancements in smart phones, satellite communications, and GPS navigational systems, a watch can't really tell you much more than the gadgets you're probably already carrying with you.

But that's why Vincero Watches seem to have done such a good job bridging the gap between the look and feel you'd expect from a nice wristwatch, and the rugged effectiveness in circumstances that take things from the city streets to the backcountry wilderness.

Primarily a men's watch company, Vincero has put a lot of focus on exceptionally crafted but fairly priced products that exclude all the corner cutting and workarounds that watch companies have been plagued by for generations.

From their "About Us" page:

Vincero means 'I Will Win.' It's derived from the famous Italian phrase "Veni. Vidi. Vici." meaning "I came. I saw. I conquered." Around here, we believe in dreaming big. More importantly, we believe in people who push beyond their limits to make their dreams a reality. People who say "I will" NOT "I wish," those are our people. Because if that's your mindset, 'impossible' is just another day at the office.

No, a Vincero Watch might not save your life in a survival situation, but like me, you're going to find it easy to see the advantages of having one of these timepieces with you every day.

I got the chance to try out both The Rogue and The Altitude, two styles that contrast each other a bit, but still fit together nicely within the overall aesthetics of Vincero's approach.

The nice thing about all Vincero's styles is that you can choose between a selection of colors, materials, and combinations to find a look that fits you perfectly. Top grain Italian leather straps not your style? Try the durable black silicone like on The Rogue model I got to check out. Don't like that? Opt for the 100D Cordura nylon watch band like The Altitude. No matter what colors or materials you prefer, you're almost certainly going to find the right match for your preferences.

There's surgical grade stainless steel, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, and high-quality water resistance features that help these Vincero Watches stack up to any in looks and performance.

And maybe best of all, these luxury watches don't have the typically farfetched price tag, and are covered by a limited warranty that covers manufacturer's defects for two years after the original purchase.

The things I particularly like about The Rogue are the silicone strap, the unique "tapisserie" pattern on the dial, and the fact that it's waterproof to 10ATM. The silicone seems far less likely to attract and soak up smelly sweat, and the dial's pattern makes it stand out without seeming flashy or too over the top.

The Altitude has become my every day watch, and the aesthetic really seems to match with the style of most of my apparel and outerwear choices. That is to say, I wear a lot of earth tones and camouflage, and the "Graphite" version of The Altitude mixes well. Even the black face and glow-in-the-dark hands and numbers, a color combo that would automatically be assumed a good match for earth tones, looks great and completes the full effect.

Vincero Setting Themselves Apart

It's worth noting that Vincero is a Climate Neutral company, and have lofty future goals to continue their sustainability and positive environmental impact.

If there's anything you should find out by reading our thoughts on these Vincero Watches, it's that the quality of these styles has surpassed the price expectations. When you see the price of a Rolex and laugh it off as unobtainable, it's good to know there's a company making watches a far cry away from such outrageous price points, but without sacrificing the qualities you want in a watch.

And on the back of each Vincero Watch is a swatch of historic Italian marble and the message: "Veni. Vidi. Vici. Live Your Legacy." It's a nice touch, a fresh reminder to seize your opportunities when they arise and to do things your way.

Sounds like an outdoorsman's mantra to me.