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Gear Review: Tactica M.100 Multitool Gadget

Here's what the Tactica M.100 Multitool is and what it can do.

The Tactica M.100 Multi-Tool is ready to tackle any challenge that an outdoorsmen can find for it, especially if you're one of those who are into camping, fishing, or hunting.

Its convenient internal storage holds two bits and comes equipped with hex sockets, a package opener, a bottle opener, a wrench, and an imperial ruler.

This unique multitool is constructed from an ultra-strong composite material which makes the M.100 a mere 1.6 ounces. It's streamlined and small, so there's no bulk or heft whatsoever when it's in your hand, pocket, backpack, or purse.

That glass/composite body is 40 percent lighter than titanium, and the Tactica M.100 has a 420-grade steel core, making it quite a bit stronger than most other multitools on the market.

Plus, it's TSA compliant so it literally goes where you go. If multi-tools with knives and larger metal gadgets are a no-go when you're traveling on airplanes, this is the foolproof way to ensure you've got the tools you need.

The gadget comes in a variety of colors, and unlike powder-coated metal, the surface will not scratch or chip. Perhaps more importantly, it won't scratch or mar other precious items, like electronics (phones, cameras, or laptops) in pockets and backpacks. With more than 20 built-in functions, the M.100 is one of the brightest new multitools out there.

Tactica M.100 Features

After using the M.100's onboard box cutter, high-torque hex socket, Phillips and flat hex bits, standard and metric wrench in seven different sizes, standard and metric rulers, and bottle opener, it's fair to say this multitool is a must have for anyone, especially outdoorsman.

The M.100 has an ergonomic handle and is comfortable to use even with a small stature. The key ring compatibility also ensures that the M.100 is at the user's fingertips at the most important moments.

The M.250 Hex Drive Toolkit contains 12 unique hex bits and a 50 mm bit extender to get into all those hard to reach places. I think it'd work great in places like the shooting bench, around your shop, and even for maintenance on certain firearms.

It is equipped with Phillips head screwdriver bits in three different sizes, flat head screwdriver bits, Allen wrench bits, Torx driver bits, and an integrated belt clip which makes it great for backpacks, shell belts, or even hanging from your favorite treestand.

Tactica Gear

Tactica specializes in the design and manufacture of products that makes the outdoorsman's job a little easier. Their innovative design and technology produces multitools and complimentary toolkits that are truly portable and go anywhere, including on an airplane.

Being an outdoorsman means more than just the woods and water, and the M.100 can easily ride along on a keychain, on a motorcycle or bike, at the beach, at the climbing wall, and even while walking the dog.

The first rule of multitool ownership is that the best tool in an emergency is the one you have with you, and this is one has EDC written all over it.

The company also features gadgets like the Tactica MX.02 Precision Toolkit which comes with 12 specialty hex bits for exact work on electronics and even photography equipment. This kit comes with Allen wrenches in three sizes drivers, Pentalobe drivers, one Robertson driver, multiple Torx drivers, and a SIM card ejector.

Where Can You Find the Tactica M.100 Multitool?

Tactica is sold on their website and on Amazon for the very reasonable price of $39.95. It may sound silly, but one of the reasons why we like this setup so much is that it has the look and feel of an ammo magazine that is ready to load into our favorite firearm. But for practice purposes, the M.100 is a multitool designed to perform and built to last.

By using materials typically used in military and aerospace applications, the Tactica M.100 features the best in lightweight and strong composite technology with the hard-wearing properties of hardened stainless steel, and who doesn't like that?

This pocket multitool with its extra tool set uses a magnetic bit retention for keeping the frustration out of a quick repair. Related products for everyday carry aren't nearly as tech-friendly as the M.100 and don't include the heavy duty hex socket drive and carabiner attachment that makes it so versatile.

Pocket knives and multitools will always flood the market, but the Tactica M.100 seems as though it is here to stay.

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