7 Flannel Shirts for Outdoorsmen That Take Things Up a Notch

Here are seven flannel shirts for outdoorsmen that just might make the hunter in your life happy and a little warmer.

Is there a shirt out there that better exemplifies the cold weather seasons and the rugged folks that love the outdoors than the flannel shirt?

Since we are outdoor enthusiasts no matter the time of year, it behooves each and every one of us to explore all of the possibilities as far as outerwear goes to find that custom feel, comfortable fabric, durable construction, and the right price to ensure that our outdoor activities are the best they can be.

Whether you find yourself heading to the deer blind or are gathering with friends for a winter campfire, you still need to do it in style and comfort. The durability and versatility of a good flannel shirt is obvious, but finding the best men's flannel shirts can sometimes be tougher than you'd think. They aren't all created equal.

If you still need a few things to add to your Christmas list, or are looking for a smart gift to buy an outdoor lover, we've tried to come up with a few long-sleeve shirts that fit the bill.

What you want is a flannel that is part shirt, part jacket, and softer than a baby's behind for a coveted piece of outdoor gear. You may find yourself wearing it so much that your wife will want to hide it. Then again, she might want to wear it herself, too!

If you need to be exact, The Difference Between tells us that, "Cotton and flannel are two very common words we often hear in the textile industry. Flannel is a fabric that is made from cotton, wool or synthetic fiber. Thus, the main difference between cotton and flannel is that cotton is a fiber whereas flannel is a fabric."

So then which would you prefer, real cotton flannel or something synthetic and manmade? Do you normally buy clothing that serves as both work shirts and casual shirts? Do you splurge for the highest quality, or try to save every penny?

In either case, the feel, fit, and look of a flannel shirt is basically part of an outdoorsman's uniform. Any of these seven would be a great addition to your closet.

Patagonia Fjord Flannel

Made with thick and super comfortable 100 percent organic-cotton flannel, the casual Fjord flannel shirt is great for when conditions get colder and the air has a chill in it. This button up, long sleeve beauty is great for casual men's functions.

Filson Alaskan Guide Flannel

Filson doesn't waste any words when they say, "Our iconic Alaskan Guide Shirt is made with midweight breathable cotton flannel that's wind-resistant and brushed for soft comfort. A pleated back provides a full range of motion, perfect for hunting, fishing, working and daily use." As awesome as this shirt would be for working in, an outdoorsman could just as easily relax and unwind in one as well.

Legendary Whitetails Buck Camp Flannel

What deer hunter doesn't want to complete their wardrobe without a great flannel? Legendary Whitetails exclusive button-down Buck Camp Flannels are made from 100 percent cotton with a soft-brushed flannel for extra comfort at camp or wherever you take it.

Pendleton Long Sleeve Burnside Flannel

As with the many plaid flannel shirts listed here, the Burnside Flannel comes in a lot of colors and sizes and has a relaxed fit. Pendleton is a well-recognized brand that has been making apparel for over 100 years and counting. For men with serious comfort in mind, these are made of 100 percent cotton flannel.

Orvis Perfect Flannel Shirt

With a stylish array of classic colors and sizes, one of the most trusted brands in sporting goods has done it again with the Perfect Flannel Shirt. The outside neckband has a traditional look, bound buttonholes at the pockets make for good strength, and a locker loop in the collar allows for easy hanging. And what guy doesn't want a long shirttail hem that stays tucked in?

L.L. Bean Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt

Leave it to the vaunted L.L. Bean brand to put this fleece-lined flannel together for outdoor guys everywhere. With double the softness, this is one flannel shirt jacket that is the ultimate in cool-weather comfort clothing.

Columbia Silver Ridge 2.0 Flannel Shirt

Columbia's trademark Omni-Wick moisture evaporating system puts them ahead in the technology department, but keeps them in stride in the comfort department with a sport shirt that looks excellent. The Silver Ridge 2.0 is a flannel with working guys in mind, even if that work is running or hiking in the cooler weather.

What Do the Best Flannel Shirts Have in Common?

Aside from being built from a heavyweight brushed flannel and reinforced at every major seam, the best flannels are tough, cold weather-ready. They should be willing to stand up to afternoons of log-splitting duty, before relaxing into an evening spent by the woodstove.

It should have a straight, open collar for a more polished look, come in a bunch of colors and sizes, and fit the right way without being too baggy or tight.

A classic style red plaid flannel shouldn't have to forsake good looks for function. These shirts should be worn as easily in the ski lodge as in the deer camp. They should pair well with any denim jeans or khaki chinos, and it doesn't hurt if they are adorned with some large utility chest pockets for basic essential gear like your phone, key fob, or a multitool.

They should have new technology at work, but not so much that they lose their basic appeal. Comfort and versatility should remain supreme; you should be able to wear it as a work shirt or to a casual dinner. A good flannel shirt should be under $100, and honestly no more than around $60, but since we don't make and distribute flannel shirts for a living, we'll have to leave the pricing in the hands of the experts.

Flannel collections should have some high-quality lightweight options for the early fall and spring, and a heavier lineup for the deeper cold, even if it means just stepping outside for a few minutes.

The Bottom Line

We want to look good and stay warm, but it's not always so simple. When you need a dependable shirt for outdoor pursuits it's a surefire bet that you will find what you need in a flannel shirt. Which one you purchase is up to you.

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