Catchin' Deers Teams Up with Tractor Supply for Apparel Deal

Now you can snag the most clever hunting brand to show up in years at Tractor Supply.

When the slogan and first couple videos for CATCHIN' DEERS showed up online in 2016, we were instant fans. As it turned out, one of the co-founders was Mike Fisher, former NHL pro for the Nashville Predators.

It turned into a successful online video and merch gig, something that started to garner some real interest, not to mention views. The now-famous "Rut Daniels" clips have earned upwards of 15 million views on social media platforms alone.

In the latest announcement out of the quickly-growing company, they've teamed up with Tractor Supply for an exclusive apparel deal. The move will see CATCHIN' DEERS' apparel (hats, tees, long-sleeves, hoodies and decals) in more than 1,200 stores nationwide.

"We're thrilled to partner with Tractor Supply as we continue to grow the CATCHIN' DEERS brand and expand our product lines," said Fisher, an avid outdoorsman. "Tractor Supply is an authentic retailer for customers in our space, and they also share our passion and commitment to serve outdoorsmen and women."

The apparel and headwear styles sold in the Tractor Supply retail outlets and through the website will be exclusive to the retailer.

The company is owned by Mike Fisher, Bud Fisher, Reid Faught, Austin Casselman and Ryan Hawkins.

"What started out as six foam trucker hats for our friends has grown into a dynamic business and recognized brand in the outdoor industry, and we're still having fun," added Fisher. "Partnering with Tractor Supply takes our brand to a new level and provides an incredible platform for future growth."

The press info shared with the news of the release claimed CATCHIN' DEERS was generating millions in sales over the last four years, with growth of more than 190 percent each of the last two years. That's saying something, as is partnering with a retailer like Tractor Supply on an exclusive deal.

And just in case you haven't seen any CATCHIN' DEERS videos, here's one to entice you to check out the rest of their YouTube Channel.

Pretty good, eh?

We have a feeling the CATCHIN' DEERS brand is only just beginning to see its full potential.