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Hilarious Video Will Help You Laugh Off the Question "Catch Any Deers?"


Have a laugh while supporting a good cause with one of these hilarious hats. You have to see this video.

There's one question that makes every hunter cringe after returning from a hunting trip: "Did you catch anything?"

Catchin' Deers is a new lifestyle brand for those who take hunting seriously and themselves lightly. It was born from that ridiculous question, "Did you catch anything?" (I mean, come on, really? Do you think we're throwing lures into the woods or netting the deer?!) Regardless, you still have to laugh every time you get asked.

As of now, Catchin' Deers is just selling the hats, which are available for $20 (and $2 from each hat goes to the National Deer Alliance). They're looking into adding other apparel, such as shirts and hoodies.


The National Deer Association (NDA) is an organization serving to guard deer conservation efforts and our god-given right to hunt them. NDA efforts focus on areas such as deer diseases, hunter access, predator and population control, as well as helping with deer management at State and Federal levels.

These will make perfect gifts for the upcoming holidays. If anything, buy one for yourself and your buddies let the jokes roll at deer camp.

Head over to their website and order one.

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Hilarious Video Will Help You Laugh Off the Question "Catch Any Deers?"