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Hen Turkey Gobbles on Camera, Confirming Longtime Hunter Suspicions

hen turkey gobbling

If you haven't seen a hen turkey gobbling, this video will give you a great glimpse.

It may come as a surprise to some, but a hen turkey can and will gobble. Sometimes.

After watching this video posted by the Ohio State Chapter National Wild Turkey Federation, you'll be a believer.

We've seen a hen turkey come replete with its own beard and encountered hens that fight like the boys, but now they're "talking turkey" and it's not what you would expect.

Even whitetail does can grow antlers, come in piebald colors, or even be an albino, but when a hen turkey makes a sound, we're usually anticipating clucks, cuts, and purrs.

Now some great video has been shared with us that we can all take to the bank: a wild female turkey trying her best to gobble. Maybe the best part is that she does a pretty darn good job!

Here's the video:

Just a reminder to ALWAYS identify your target to make sure it is a legal bird. This is a hen that came in and “gobbled”. She easily could have been mistaken for a legal bird but remember a beard must be visible to be a legal bird in the spring.

Posted by Ohio State Chapter National Wild Turkey Federation on Monday, April 27, 2020

That's a pretty convincing video for those of us who haven't seen or heard a wild hen turkey gobble before, but this isn't the only video out there with a hen in its sights that not only gobbles, but struts as well.

Things like this are terrific ways to open our minds to the possibilities that the creatures in nature we think we know and understand so well, can change our thought process in a New York minute.

Hunters and fishermen alike throughout the world are constantly on the lookout for the next great thing that'll make our next outing a success. It's just that we may have never known that the gobbler we were chasing was actually a hen!

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Hen Turkey Gobbles on Camera, Confirming Longtime Hunter Suspicions