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How to Bone Out a Deer in 6 Minutes

Watch this professional butcher bone out a deer and see if you've been doing it wrong all along.

Knowing the correct way to bone out a deer and process the your own meat will save you money and add to your enjoyment of the hunt. Butchering is a long lesson to learn, but field dressing, skinning, and boning a whitetail deer should be a process most sportsmen and women are familiar with.

By processing your own animals, you'll also have total control over how they are handled, packed, and labeled, ensuring that only high quality wild game meat reaches your table.

Mind you, this isn't so much a step-by-step tutorial as much as it is a demonstration on how quickly you can get at all that good meat.

If you're deer hunting this season and want deer meat in your freezer, then grab a sharp knife and pay attention. Watch the video to see how to bone out a deer like the pros.

Those of you who are learning how to butcher a deer won't necessarily reach this level of skill and speed right away. There's more to deer processing, and especially deboning, than meets the eye.

The hind legs and front legs include a lot of good deer meat, and it's not the simplest process. Hunting big game animals isn't all about the antlers, it's about the bounty you bring home in the form of edible, all natural protein. It's not all about the backstrap and tenderloins. Whether you're eyeing some stew meat or just looking to make some venison jerky, deboning the quarters is essential.

Gear up for the season and bookmark this video to help you process your hard-earned venison!