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Learn the Best Way to Wrap Deer Meat for the Freezer [VIDEO]

Knowing how to wrap deer meat can mean the difference between a year's worth of delicious venison and a freezer-burnt mess.

I've personally struggled with getting my venison wrapped tightly enough. Sadly, this struggle has caused me to throw out some otherwise prime cuts due to excessive freezer burn.

This video will show you how to wrap deer meat so it will stay fresh and tasty in the freezer for up to a year.

Watch and learn.

The secret to this method is to squeeze as much air as possible out of the butcher paper as you wrap the deer meat. The double layer of paper and opposing wraps help to keep air from getting in, but you need to get the package as tight as possible for the best results.

Another key that is not mentioned in the video is to label the package so you know exactly which animal the wrapped meat is from. For example, a package might say: Backstrap, Muzzleloader Doe, 10/17/15.

Some animals, particularly mature bucks, will be less tender than others. These older animals are often more flavorful, though, and are perfect for slow-cooked recipes.

Knowing which animal a package of meat came from will let you know the best way to prepare it and offer up the most enjoyment at the dinner table.

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Learn the Best Way to Wrap Deer Meat for the Freezer [VIDEO]