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Hunter's Kitchen Must-Haves with Steven Rinella [VIDEO]

Steven Rinella has made a living writing about and filming himself procuring game and preparing it in his 'hunter's kitchen.' Here are some of his favorite tools.

Taking an animal from the field to the table is a big proposition. For hunters and fishermen who choose to do their own butchering, that means buying the tools and gaining the necessary knowledge to efficiently and effectively process their harvests.

Steven Rinella knows a lot about processing big game, small game, and fish.

Learn from his extensive experience and set up your own kick-ass hunter's kitchen. Spend the time you save processing in the field looking for your next piece of meat.

How many of these items are lacking in your hunter's kitchen?

I personally process two to four deer a year and know a number of other hunters who do the same. These hunters' butchering and meat packing processes range from borderline commercial to downright barbaric, with my own falling somewhere in the middle.

It always seems to be the barbarians who complain of gamy or tough venison cuts during the off-season.

Setting up your hunter's kitchen for efficiency and volume will ensure clean and great tasting venison and give you more satisfaction while enjoying the culinary rewards of your hard earned off-season meals.

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Hunter's Kitchen Must-Haves with Steven Rinella [VIDEO]