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Tom Brady Opens up About Being Bit by Dogs But He Still Loves Them

Super Bowl champ Tom Brady used his press conference to talk about being bit by dogs two different times.

But don't worry, the New England Patriots Quarterback still loves dogs.

Tom Brady and wife Giselle Bundchen have three dogs at home: Fluffy, Scooby, and Lua.
Fluffy is the naughty one.
Scooby, the silly one.
And Lua, who is the New England Patriot's number one fan...
But Tom Brady hasn't always had positive interactions with dogs.

In a recent press interview Tom told the story of when he was bitten not once, but twice, by two different dogs in his life...

The first time Tom Brady was bit by a dog happened when he was a kid and tried to give a dog a kiss. But he learned pretty quickly that some dogs are possessive with their food and he learned a valuable lesson to keep his distance when the dog bit him on the lip.

The second time a dog bit Tom Brady was more recent and left more of a mark. Military members were allowed to use the Gillette Stadium to train their dogs and the Patriots team were able to watch. Well, let's just say that Tom found out that military K9s aren't trained to give cuddles. He describes the military dogs like,

"...those weren't, like, Labradors. Those were tough dogs. I raised my arms up over my head, and right when I raised my arm up, the dog jumped up and I guess was going for my neck."

The dog ended up biting Tom's thigh, which left a nice little scar. But it very well could have been his neck. Luckily the dog's handler showed up just in time.

Here's to hoping his dog injury doesn't affect his playing on Sunday for Super Bowl LII in Minnesota. Or maybe you hope it does to give underdogs the Philadelphia Eagles a chance to be the new NFL champs...

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