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Pennsylvania SPCA Posts Story of Underdogs in Honor of the Eagles

In honor of the Philadelphia Eagles' win against the Falcons and chance to compete in the NFC championship game, the Pennsylvania SPCA is recognizing a different kind of underdog.

They're the dogs that have been beaten, abandoned, and neglected but refuse to give up. The first underdog at the Pennsylvania SPCA is named Haze. This three-legged rescue hasn't had it easy, but he's determined to come out on top.
When Haze arrived at the SPCA's shelter hospital, he was suffering from a severe leg injury. It required immediate attention, but the worst part was it wasn't an accident. Haze's former owner - the person he trusted more than anyone else - was abusive and intentionally inflicted the wound.
Emergency veterinarians did everything they could to relieve the pain, but it was eventually determined that Haze's leg couldn't be saved. If they wanted to save the dog's life, they needed to amputate. Haze lost his leg, but he hasn't lost his love of life. He's adapting quickly to the loss of his leg and waiting for a special person to notice his potential and take him home.

Waiting alongside Haze is another underdog named Hayley. In September 2016, an extremely malnourished dog was rescued by the SPCA's Humane Law Enforcement team. She was shockingly thin at only 42 pounds. Hayley required immediate veterinary attention and long-term care. She was weak and afraid, but a dedicated staff nursed her back to health.
A year and a half later, Hayley has almost doubled her body weight. She's healthy, and thanks to her friends at the shelter, she's happy for the first time. Volunteers say she's funny and loves to play. She's become a part of the family, but life in a shelter can't make up for life in a home. Hayley has already beaten the odds once, and she's ready to do it again by finding a new family.
Haze, Hayley, and all the other underdogs waiting in shelters need a good spot in front of the TV to watch Sunday's big game. They'll be happy to guard your game day snacks through endless renditions of "Fly Eagles Fly," and they'll be the kind of fans you can count on even when things look grim.


If you're ready to take a chance on one of these underdogs, contact the Pennsylvania SPCA.

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