These 3 Drills Will Help You Get Ready for Next Season

By practicing these three fitness and shooting drills you'll be a lean, mean killing machine when hunting season rolls around again.

In this short, informative video, Train to Hunt champion Courtney Levesque walks us through a few of the drills she uses to get ready for the competition and, more importantly, the hunt.

By adding these to your off-season workout and shooting program you'll become a better shot when the chips are down. It's also worth mentioning that, although Levesque performs these drills with a bow, they can easily transferred to rifle shooters. Get out your .22 and get practicing now and kill more game when it's a centerfire rifle in your hand.

For many hunters, the end of hunting season means it's time to take it easy and wait around for next season. However, the best hunters know that there is no such thing as an off season and spend as much time preparing as possible.

Doing drills like the ones shown in the video will help you stay fit and improve your shooting when your heart rate is high and your breathing is heavy (something that often happens when it's a big buck or bull in your sights.) That just might be the difference between a grip and grin photo session and another sob story about how close you came to success.

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