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Kenton Clairmont Explains His Reasons for Creating 'Train to Hunt'

After training for years for sporting competitions, Kenton Clairmont needed a new reason to stay fit.

Like many former high school and collegiate athletes, Kenton Clairmont spent a lot of time training for the sports he loved. However, once his athletic career was over, he needed a new reason to stay fit, and hunting was it.

Watch the video to learn a little bit about how this hunter/athlete keeps himself ready for the hunt and how he's sharing his vision of how to do that with others through 'Train to Hunt' challenges.

"Fitness is the one aspect of hunting that you have 100 percent control over." We all know that weather, animal behavior, and hunt timing can combine to make a hunt more difficult than you ever thought it would be. By having a higher level of fitness than the competition, you'll be able to hunt longer, harder, and farther from the road or trailhead, allowing you to go where most hunters won't.

'Train to Hunt' is a great event that combines a number of skills that are key to a successful hunt including: shooting, a meat pack, and a field shooting event that combines exercise with archery shooting.

As Kenton Clairmont mentioned in the video, physical training not only increases your physical abilities as a hunter, but also your mental toughness, which can come in handy on any hunt you undertake.

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Kenton Clairmont Explains His Reasons for Creating 'Train to Hunt'