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Learn Jamie Eason's Fish in Foil Recipe

Jamie Eason's in the kitchen again. This time she's making a delicious fish in foil recipe.

Jamie Eason is a fitness and nutrition expert. In this video, she demonstrates a healthy and easy way to prepare fish in foil.

Watch the video to see a healthy alternative to frying up that mess of bluegills.

The best part about Jamie's fish in foil recipe is that you can cater it to your dietary preferences by adding different veggies and spices. Want a little kick? Add some cayenne pepper. Looking for a little more substance in your meal? Add some potatoes chopped into small pieces. The possibilities are endless.

Another benefit of this fish in foil recipe is that it can be made over a layer of hot coals rather than in the oven if you are camping and want to prepare the day's catch. Just be sure to pack out all your trash and leave the area looking as good (or better) than you found it.

Give this fish in foil recipe a try this fishing season. You'll be glad you did.


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Learn Jamie Eason's Fish in Foil Recipe