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Instructor Zero Demonstrates Brain Process Shooting Drills

instructor zero drills

These shooting drills force your mind and body to work as a team.

While conducting shooting drills, muscle memory is often the key to gaining speed. However, by introducing a brain process into the drill, Instructor Zero increases the difficulty dramatically.

Using shooting drills like the ones in this video can help you make rational decisions quickly, whether you are defending yourself or trying to pick the buck out of a group of fleeing deer.

Watch the video to see how quickly a master performs these drills.

It's good to see Instructor Zero having a little fun. That dude always seems so serious.

As mentioned, practicing drills similar to the ones shown in the video can help you keep it together when your adrenaline is spiking. Having the physical ability to make a shot or shoot quickly is useless without the ability to know what to shoot at and when.

Give these shooting drills a try the next time you hit the range and see if you can replicate Instructor Zero's times. Good luck!

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Instructor Zero Demonstrates Brain Process Shooting Drills