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Meet Deidra: The World’s Most Badass Female Fisherman [VIDEO]

This female fisherman can catch the big ones with any guy and look good doing it.

Whether it’s sharks, barracuda, or redfish, Deidra Bridger can catch them all.

Watch the video to see this female fisherman in action.

Deidra grew up on the banks of the Missouri River and began hunting and fishing at an early age. Since then she’s made TV and trade show appearances, posed for numerous sporting and fitness magazines, and become first mate of a fishing boat. It sounds like this female fisherman can do it all.

Deidra is just another example that fishing, hunting, and outdoor adventure are not male-only pursuits. If your lady friend doesn’t participate in your outdoor passions, encourage her to give them a try. She’ll probably look a lot better than your other fishing buddies in a bikini.

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Meet Deidra: The World’s Most Badass Female Fisherman [VIDEO]