The Undertaker
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WWE Legend The Undertaker Makes Two Big Alabama Gobblers "Rest in Peace"

"I'm still taking souls... I'm taking turkey souls now!"

WWE legend Mark Calaway, aka: "The Undertaker" had one of the most successful pro wrestling careers of all time. The man choke slammed and Tombstone piledrove his way through some of the most famous names in the business over the last 30+ years.

While he may have officially retired from in-ring action last November, it turns out he is not done "taking souls" just yet. Only now he has moved on wild turkeys. Realtree's Tyler Jordan recently guided Mark on his first-ever turkey hunt in Alabama and they filmed the whole thing.

Things could not go much better for these guys as Mark harvests two great gobblers in two action-packed hunts. The second one is an awesome double-bearded bird.

We always knew that Mark was a big hunter, but we were surprised to learn he has never turkey hunted before. It seems clear he is hooked now and will be heading out again soon in his home state after tagging out in Alabama. Now that he is officially retired from the squared circle, he will have plenty of time to pursue new types of hunting. Have fun big guy, you certainly earned it after years of entertaining multiple generations of fans.

His first two turkey hunts could not have been more exciting either. Chasing down spring gobblers does not get much better than that. He smoked both of those birds easily. Did you happen to notice the shotgun in his hands? We do not think that was a youth model. Just remember this guy is nearly 6' 10" tall. He makes everything and everyone around him look small.

After so many years of watching him in character on TV as "The Deadman," it was interesting to see regular guy Mark Calaway. He seems like a down-to-Earth guy who just likes to unwind in the outdoors just like the rest of us. We hope he becomes a regular guest with Realtree, those were some fun hunts to watch!

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