Stone Cold Gun Range
YouTube: USA Network

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Ice-T Shoot Intricate Ice Sculptures at the Gun Range

It's the gun range match-up we never knew we needed.

Former professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin may be long retired from the squared circle, but the man still stays busy with his podcast and his TV show "Straight Up Steve Austin." For this latest season, it appears he's been inviting a ton of special celebrity guests on to take part in a variety of challenges.

And as we expected from Austin, who's a noted hunter and outdoorsman, almost all these challenges have revolved around the shooting spots in some way. Previously, he challenged NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre to an archery shoot-off.

Today, he's hitting the gun range with rapper Ice-T in another pairing we never knew would be so entertaining to watch. Watch as they put a variety of guns through their paces against intricate ice sculptures including shotguns and the mighty .500 Smith & Wesson.

We feel somewhat sorry for whoever had to carve those intricate sculptures out of ice, just to watch these guys demolish them in a few shots. Or, in the case of the leprechaun one, two shots from the .500! Speaking of which, we loved Ice-T's reaction to the .500. It had to be the first time he'd shot one of those mega-revolvers. Before you make fun of him, that is many people's first reaction to shooting that gun.

After all, the .500 Smith & Wesson can travel a blistering 2,000 feet per second and deliver over 2,800-foot pounds of energy to a target. Knowing that, it's not too surprising the leprechaun sculpture only lasted two rounds before being reduced to ice chunks.

The .454 Casull Stone Cold shot at the end of the video was no slouch either. That round can travel up to 1,900 feet per second, delivering up to 1,800-foot pounds of energy to the target. We get the feeling he's shot that one before because he handled it like a pro.

Honestly, we'd watch a whole series where Stone Cold just takes celebrities shooting at the range. It's fun stuff!

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