Steve Austin vs Brett Favre

Stone Cold Steve Austin Challenges Brett Favre to an Archery Contest

Brett Favre and Stone Cold go head-to-head in a unique archery challenge.

We know that 2021 is still young, we're only a month in, but we did not have an archery contest between Hall-of-Fame NFL quarterback Brett Favre and WWE Hall-of-Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin on our bingo cards for this year. Although these dudes are both undeniably icons of the 1990s in their own unique ways, we didn't expect to hear their names in the same sentence together.

Well, it turns out it's the collaboration we never knew we needed. The segment was filmed for Stone Cold's show on the USA Network: "Straight Up Steve Austin." The only thing that could possibly make this wacky pairing better? How about the fact they're shooting arrows at a Sasquatch target rigged with exploding sections?

We couldn't make this up if we tried. Watch the video below to see the Texas Rattlesnake and the Gunslinger go head-to-head.

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Brett Favre and Steve Austin hunting bigfoot with compound bows sounds like the start to a bad Sci-Fi movie. We admit, we would totally watch it.

Stone Cold may be long retired from the wrestling ring, but he's still as entertaining as ever. As much as I hate to admit it as a die-hard Chicago Bears fan, these two are not bad together. (Even if as a Bears fan, I was also secretly rooting for Austin to give Favre the stunner. Sorry, not sorry!)

In the end, it was the legendary quarterback who took this contest. Clearly those old shoulder injuries haven't hurt Favre too much. He must spend a ton of time practicing at his farm these days. We have heard he does a lot more hunting ever since he retired from the NFL. These guys play so well off one another. They need to make a hunting and fishing show with these guys!

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