10 Football Players Who Hunt

These 10 college and pro football players love to chase wild game. This list might surprise you.

Whether it's on the football field, in the bass boat, or in a treestand, these guys love being outdoors and can't get enough of it. Most of them are avid deer hunters, while some of them will hunt any game they can.

We see these professional athletes do a lot on the gridiron, however, we don't often see them in the offseason. We don't always relate to fame and the lights these football players experience, but when hunting becomes the topic of conversation, we all relate.

Here are 10 football players who hunt and take every advantage of their free time to chase animals.

1. Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback is no stranger to hunting, as you can see in the photo above. In fact, one of his harvests went viral a couple years ago after he made a name for himself in the NFL. Obviously, he's a big whitetail hunter who loves sporting Sitka Gear.

2. Justin Tuck

Justin Tuck is a bowhunting enthusiast, as you can see in this photo of a buffalo he killed in Africa. Justin played defensive end for the New York Giants, with whom he won two Super Bowls. Sportsman Channel's Bowhunter TV featured Tuck harvesting this magnificent animal.

3. Jake Fromm

Being from southern Georgia, the University of Georgia quarterback and National Championship runner-up is no stranger to hunting and fishing. Consequently, he received a lot of flack a few offseasons ago when he hooked himself with a fishing lure while bass fishing. He would later need to get it surgically removed.

4. Adam Vinatieri

Vinatieri is a soon-to-be Hall of Fame kicker who's 46 years old and still getting it done. He's also an avid hunter who's just as good at harvesting big deer. He currently holds the record for the most field goals and the most points in NFL history.

5. Trent Cole

One of the co-hosts for Blitz TV, Trent Cole is a very successful hunter. He played defensive end and outside linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts for a combined 12 seasons. Check out episodes of Blitz TV on Sportsman Channel for all the big-game hunting Cole does now that he's retired from the NFL.

6. Brett Favre

nfl players who hunt

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame quarterback is a great marksman, and Favre founded the 4Outdoors platform to offer opportunities for people and organizations in need. Rumor has it, Brett Favre called Peyton Manning from a deer stand when Manning broke Favre's NFL passing yards record in 2015.

7. Jordan Shipley

Jordan Shipley is no stranger to most folks who watch outdoor television. He co-hosts the show Bucks of Tecomate on Outdoor Channel. Shipley played wide receiver with the Texas Longhorns and was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

8. Colt McCoy

Colt McCoy, the former Texas Longhorns' quarterback, now plays for the Washington Redskins. Being from Texas, McCoy is no stranger to hunting. He was also previously featured in a video where a hunting buddy of his snatches a quail in mid-flight during one of their hunts.

9. Jared Allen

Jared Allen is a former defensive end for four professional football teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs, the Minnesota Vikings, the Chicago Bears, and the Carolina Panthers, where he won his first Super Bowl in his last NFL season. Allen also makes an appearance with Tim Wells on Relentless Pursuit, spearing an elk and harvesting a buffalo.

10. Brett Keisel

Brett Keisel is also a former defensive end who played 12 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He founded Mighty Oak Adventures, which provides groups with team-building activities of hunting, fishing, hiking and biking. He's an avid whitetail deer hunter and loves to be outside.

It's evident these collegiate and NFL players who hunt enjoy the outdoors just as much, if not more than playing on the gridiron. Follow all of these guys on their respective sites and channels to keep up with their hunting hobbies and careers.

If you know of any other football players who hunt, share them with us here.

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