Pelican Vault

Can You Put the Ultimate Trust in Pelican Vault Gun Cases?

Pelican claims their Vault series gun cases are crushproof, dustproof, and weather resistant. We're pretty sure they've got this one right.

Pelican just released a new line of gun cases, which claim to be some of the more dependable shells on the market. Though I can't quite say I've put them through a lot of hard use, they certainly seem to have the sort of protective features we've come to expect from Pelican cases.

The new Vault Series Guns Cases, which couldn't come with a better name, made me think protection of your firearm has become one less thing to worry about. A case this sturdy doesn't come around too often.

At first glance they look very rugged, and they're said to have industry-leading, rock solid protection against the toughest conditions.

Every time you get a new gun, you should start looking for a crushproof case to protect the investment. The Pelican Vault is likely the frontrunner choice.

I wanted to take the medium pistol case and give it a try in the Texas Hill Country for a weekend of whitetail hunting, so I toted along my Glock in the the case to see what I thought about it.

Pelican Vault

After taking this case through the ranch on the back of our UTV, this case bounced around pretty good with all kinds of feed and equipment being thrown on it. The whole time it slid around the back, all the while keeping my Glock and magazines in the same position. This was a great sign right of the bat, because other cases I've had have always allowed a little interior shifting.

Pelican Vault

The push-button latches snap closed every time, and the case is so sturdy you will won't have to worry about the lid and bottom losing alignment. There is a notable click when the stainless steel lock hasps shut. Again, some other cases I've used int he past were a little too flimsy for my liking, allowing the latches to shift. Some latches also have a tendency to pop off or not fully latch, but I've had no such issues with the Vault so far.

Pelican Vault

As best I could, I tried to bend and yank on the Vault's handle to see if there were some kind of give. There was no bending or breaking at all, even with all the strength I could give. When you think about digging a case out of truck luggage or the back of a side-by-side, you can imagine how repeated strong yanks could eventually give way. This handle brings the power.

Pelican Vault

I am definitely impressed by these cases, because they don't just look and feel great in your hand, but they seem like they'll give durable protection for as long as you own a gun. In terms of sturdiness and weather resistance, I can confidently say I haven't used anything as good as the Vault case until now.

The extra cool thing is the Vault line includes 10 different styles, ranging from the V200 Vault Medium Pistol Case like mine to the V730 Vault Tactical Rifle Case and even the V250 Vault Ammo Can. Plus, they're not just for firearms, with two options able to be customized to carry just about any kind of fragile equipment you've got.

In all honesty, the overall cost is likely the main thing you're left wondering about, and the affordable price is actually pretty eye-opening. The heavy duty cases range from $39.95 for the Small to $199.95 for a Double Rifle Case. That's not very much when you consider the host of premium features.

We'd definitely recommend the Pelican Vault for gun owners, videographers, and folks who need great protection in tough circumstances. That fits just about all of us sportsmen, doesn't it?