Cam Hanes' Place in Oregon is Up for Grabs

Cam Hanes is selling his Eugene home, and someone needs to jump at this opportunity before its too late.

Cam Hanes recently posted a picture to his Instagram page displaying a real-estate ad for his home in Oregon. He jokingly says he may throw in an elk hunt, but casually mentions in the comment that he'd give the buyer a chance to at least talk elk hunting.

If you don't realize what kind of opportunity this presents, then you just don't realize the wealth of knowledge behind Cam's elk hunting.

The House

Listed at $450,000, Cam's house is a beauty. From the listing, it appears to be a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2,114 square-foot home in Eugene, Oregon. With high vaulted ceilings and massive windows, it seems like a fitting openness to match the vastness of the nearby mountains.

All of these features are great, but they don't mention the things we all want to know about.

The Stories

After scrolling through the pictures, you can't help but imagine the amount of elk meat Cam has taken into that kitchen. How many hunting stories were told around that fireplace?

Below is a video Cameron posted during his training for a ribbon cutting. The shots he took indoors could be reenacted if you decide on purchasing his home.

The Trail

If you aren't convinced yet by the home or elk hunt, you also need to realize you'll be able to traverse the same trail Cam runs almost daily. In the video below, you can see his routine of summiting the same mountain in Eugene, over and over again.

It could be a real opportunity to become a better hunter. Following in Cam's footsteps wouldn't be a bad place to start.