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Cam Hanes Joins Adam Greentree in Latest Under Armour Hunt Video

Cam Hanes Adam Greentree Fallow Hunt

Cam Hanes and Adam Greentree team up for an epic hunt in Australia.

The rut has just ended. Cam Hanes has joined Adam Greentree down under for a fallow deer hunt the pair will never forget. From poisonous brown snakes to wild weather patterns, this hunt will present a few challenges. But we have a feeling that's just what these two came for.

In true Under Armour fashion, this film finds a unique way to showcase the honesty and difficulty that comes with bowhunting, all while blending in high-quality cinematography.

Cam Hanes & Adam Greentree Australia | Ridge Reaper Films Seas...

The wait is over. Watch as Cameron Hanes and Adam Greentree pursue wary, wild fallow deer through the Australian bush in our latest Ridge Reaper film.#UAHunt #RidgeReaper #FallowDeer #Australia Cameron Hanes Adam Greentree Bowhunting Australia

Posted by Under Armour Hunt on Friday, November 3, 2017

The film shows the pair hunting hard in various conditions. In one scene, Hanes is wearing a pair of Ridge Reaper shorts and T-shirt, and a short while later, the group in warm-weather waterproof gear. One interesting fact to point out is the pair stays in a cabin that Adam built with his own hands. The setting is beyond picturesque.

Will they be successful? You'll have to check out the film to be sure. One thing is for certain, though. That's a long way to travel to come up empty-handed. And if we know anything about Cam Hanes, it's that he's going to work as hard as he can to be successful.

The fallow deer is a small-frame deer, but mature bucks will tip the scales near 200 pounds. The species originated in Europe, but has a strong population in Australia and a handful of other countries.

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Cam Hanes Joins Adam Greentree in Latest Under Armour Hunt Video