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Cameron Hanes Continues Speaking for the Every Outdoorsman

Cameron Hanes recently continued his opposition of the Public Land Transfer.

As hunters, anglers, and outdoorsmen, it's frustrating to see some people's ongoing quest to destroy the passions we love. Whether it's pressure from anti-hunters or the mistreatment and abuse of our natural resources, the destructive forces are attacking from all sides. And they're relentless. The good news is we've got a slew of folks, like Cameron Hanes, in our corner who are using their platforms to set the record straight.

Hanes has recently been featured on multiple news outlets as a hunter and outdoors advocate. His efforts even garnered the attention of US Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah. Chaffetz recently sponsored a bill that would have sold off 3,000,000 acres of public land. The bill, HR 621, prompted quick outrage from the outdoor industry. At one point Hanes traveled to Washington D.C. for a sit down with the Chaffetz. The two discussed the bill as well as other interests for hunters like himself.  Hashtags like #KeepItPublic and #PublicLandOwner overtook many social news feeds.

Hanes, who has recently launched a podcast, was able to interview Chaffetz. The podcast can be found here. During their visit, Hanes even pitched the idea to renew the Federal Lands Transfer Facilitation Act.

H.R. 622

Most recently, Hanes was invited to appear on Fox Business voicing his opposition to HR 622. During the segment, Hanes and host Stuart Varney explored the impact of the new bill.

House Resolution 622 would transfer law enforcement control of 437 million acres from the federal government to state agencies. In the interview, Hanes argues that requiring local state agencies to manage this land would be irresponsible. He suggests it would simply be too large of an ask for local agencies. This is especially true when many of these agencies are already spread too thin due to resource constraints.

Hanes is quoted in the interview making a strong case to keep public lands under federal control.

"There's resource out there. So it's a balance of taking the most resource from the land, which is maximum yield, but we also want multi-use. So as hunters and fisherman and hikers, that's why we care about it. I wouldn't be sitting here today if it weren't for the experiences I've had on public lands. So I'm fighting to make sure future generations have that same opportunity."

Cameron Hanes has built a successful platform for being an accomplished hunter-athlete. In an industry full of anger and disputes, Hanes has been a steady, positive voice. His popular catchphrase, Keep Hammering, has begun to appear on everything from Under Armour apparel to personal fan tattoos. Another slogan, "Nobody Cares. Work Harder" has been a motivational rallying cry for many to push themselves or improve their shape and performance.

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