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Perfect Pistol Protection with the Pelican 1170 Case


Small cases like the Pelican 1170, are perfect for storing and transporting your pistols.

Pistol cases have been evolving much like cell phone cases. As weapons keep getting exposed to different weather elements, we often try to figure out how to transport high end weapons to their final destination.

Pelican cases have time and time again gone the extra mile to deliver crush-proof protection for the contents within. The cases are also effective barriers against water and dust, which can obviously cause rust and prevent weapons from functioning properly.


The Pelican 1170 features two lockable spots to the front of the case to keep the weapon secured. The polymer construction is very rugged and can be relied upon to keep the contents safe.

The case comes in three different colors: Green, yellow, and black.

The box fits most subcompact, compact, and full size pistols. Pistols that have added optics, like RMR sights, might have a tighter fit. Measuring the total height of the pistol before purchasing might be a smart move if you’re going to try to fit a full size pistol. Larger pistols such as the S&W 500 are likely not going to fit.

The 1170 also comes with a IP Code (or International Protection Marking) of 67. That means it has above average ratings for water and dust protection.

This case is perfect for basic training purposes and protecting your pistol from rugged elements. Throw in the added locking security measure, and you have a good mobile safe to protect your weapon.


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Perfect Pistol Protection with the Pelican 1170 Case