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3 Reasons to Get the Pelican P1075 Gun Case


Here are a few good reasons to check out the Pelican P1075 gun case.

The Pelican P1075 is a sleek pistol case that allows you to protect and transport your gun without an overt tactical case.


The Pelican P1075 allows the pistols carried within the case to be protected from the outside elements. The case also does a good job of allowing the carrier to walk with their pistols into and out of different buildings without any obvious markings or identifiers. Pistol owners could consider this case a relatively discreet option when carrying items to and from the range, especially for indoor ranges located in urban environments. P1075

The P1075 is also water tight and can withstand 30 minutes of being submerged under water. Worrying about rust is almost negligible since moisture cannot penetrate the box. Keeping ammo dry is also important when traveling with your firearm; it will stay dry in this case and will also keep moisture out of the magazine.

Pull-out foam is included, and a lot of users like being able to custom-cut the foam to their weapon. The pull-out foam will also accommodate the magazines and various revolver cylinders.

The case does not have a carrying handle, which might be its only minor drawback. The attached strap is pretty much the only way to carry it, unless you prefer to carry it like a book.

Overall the waterproof, rugged design and custom pull-outs make this travel case a solid choice to accompany your weapon.


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3 Reasons to Get the Pelican P1075 Gun Case