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The APA Innovations Mamba Compound Bow Hits 330 Feet Per Second with a 92-Pound Draw Weight

This compound bow pushes the limits of archery technology.

Archery has come a long way since the days of Art Young and Saxton Pope. Companies are continually pushing the limits of what is possible with new technologies. Previously, speeds of up to 300 feet per second were thought to be reserved primarily for heavy crossbows.

However, that is starting to change with bows like the APA Innovations 33XR.

The bow in the video is set with a 30-inch draw and weight of 92 pounds. The result? A compound bow that tops 300 feet per second with a 514-grain arrow on a regular basis. Hold onto your hats, he has the chronograph on hand to prove these incredible speeds.

When he says this bow is a "dinosaur killer," he was not kidding. This bow sends arrows flying at a blistering pace. Odds are, you would not have to worry about many deer or other big game animals jumping the string on this one. It would be a complete pass-through before the animal knew they had been hit.

The fact that you must buy targets made for crossbows just to prevent blowing through the target is a testament to the power that this compound bow packs. We can see someone using this bow to hunt every big game species in North America with few or no adjustments. It would be ideal in Africa for big, dangerous game animals like the cape buffalo where shot placement and penetration are key.

Of course, the elephant in the room is that 92-pound draw weight. That is a tall order and you will need to have a great deal of physical strength to pull that back. It is a worth noting that a quick perusal of the APA Archery website shows they offer most of their bows at 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80-pound draw weights too.

We also found that they are not cheap. The Mamba 33 starts at around $1,100. Still, we are impressed. It also makes us wonder just how fast archery technology will get in the future.

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