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5 Reasons Bows are Vastly Superior Than Guns for Deer Hunting

bows are better than guns

How can bows be better than guns for hunting deer?

We decided to look seriously into the matter and came up with our perfect conclusions. Here's why bows are better than guns for deer hunting.

The thought of bows being superior to guns for any big-game hunting sounds a bit off, right? When you come down to the nuts and bolts of when and how we hunt deer, it really does make perfect sense, though.

This is why bows come out on top.

1. Early-season hunting

Wide Open Spaces

Early-season hunting is a great way to get a head start on deer hunting. Here in Ohio, the end of September typically starts the archery season. If you hate being cold on a hunt, early-season bowhunting might leave you actually sweating. That treestand can get mighty warm at the start of archery season.

2. Urban hunting


The stealth and safety traits of bows have opened up deer hunting right in our backyards. Many cities even have an archery season to help control exploding deer populations. If you own a legal deer hunting bow, this might be your chance to bag a big deer (or even many) in these population-control zones.

3. Tradition

Wide Open Spaces

Ol' Fred Bear was on to something when he brought archery back to mainstream hunting. Whether you're hunting with a traditional recurve, a compound bow or the newest crossbow on the market, we all share the arrow. As bowhunters, we belong to a special class of hunters that should be proud to continue a great tradition that dates way back to prehistoric times. Modern hunters--both bow and gun hunters alike--can certainly appreciate about how long bows and arrows have dropped game throughout history. The hunting experience will channel the past souls of all the bowhunters before us. Thank you, Mr. Fred Bear.

4. Closer to the game

Want more skill on your hunts? Pack a bow and practice the real ways of woodsmanship and tracking. Hunting deer or any game with a bow requires careful stalking and preparation. With gun hunting in rifle season, long distance isn't much of a factor to consider. You'll certainly be closer (figuratively and literally) to your game than ever before.

5. Longer seasons


In most states, archery seasons have a much longer run than rifle seasons. The deer season can start in late September and end in early February in some locales. If you like to hunt, maximize your opportunities and use a bow. Gun season just can't compare to the time you have in the woods during bow season.

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5 Reasons Bows are Vastly Superior Than Guns for Deer Hunting