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The Hunt for Charlie, a Film of a Giant Atlanta Suburban Deer

suburban deer

Who says you have to hunt deep in the forest to find monster whitetails?

A four year story in the making, Lee Ellis of Seek-One Productions shows us a teaser of his soon to be released hunting film based on Charlie, a giant suburban whitetail.

Lee Ellis is a self taught archer who is passionate about hunting. He spends quite a bit of time scouting and patterning deer but it's not so much how, it's where. Ellis spends his time in the suburbs of Atlanta keeping a keen eye on the local whitetails as they move throughout.

Ellis takes the time to make this trailer which we should probably call a teaser holding us all very intrigued to what happens next.

I'm very familiar with suburban deer and follow some teams like Team Overkill who hunt the suburbs of Washington D.C. Growing up on the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains one would have to travel miles by vehicle and miles by foot to find low pressured whitetails. For suburban deer, low hunting pressure is common and can make for some amazing hunting.

We look forward to see how this unfolds and can only hope Ellis was successful with this hunt. The video caption says Charlie was the unofficial state record for two years. For those two years he was able to sneak through Ellis' hands. We look forward to the full documentary being released this fall.

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The Hunt for Charlie, a Film of a Giant Atlanta Suburban Deer