hickory creek mini in-line vertical bow

Archery Review: Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow

Is that old bow letting you down?

I got a chance to review the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow, and here's my verdict.

Many of our readers might be familiar with the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow. YouTubers such as Twang N Bang and The Slingshot Channel have done video reviews of this very handy weapon. Well, Jerry Goff sent me the newest version of the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow to test for myself. Does that name ring any bells? It should ring the boxing ring bell in your mind, as he is the legend who fought big names such as Mike Tyson. He is also an incredible bow designer.

I received the smaller than normal box and checked the label several times to be sure it was from Hickory Creek Archery. The shipping weight was only 10 pounds. The carefully packed and wrapped vertical bow sub-components were ready to be quickly assembled and taken to the range. Now that is quite handy and the supplied scope was even sighted in and mounted. Complete with three arrows and 100 grain target tips this package was range ready. The stock is detachable from the bow section and also the quiver is a quick detach. The broken down parts would fit in a duffel bag, double tennis racket bag or a back pack for easy carry.

Before firing the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow this informative video will answer any questions you may have.

Only about 30 minutes after the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow delivery, Mr. Goff gave me a phone call. He wanted to be sure I got the bow with no problems and wanted to know if I had any questions. Jerry makes it a habit of keeping the in touch with customers, and he wants their feedback, which is awesome. When was the last time you even heard about such incredible business management? He's there when you need him with any questions or comments.

What can the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow actually do?

First off, it's very user friendly to adjust. The bow sent to me was adjusted to the full 150-pound power per my specifications. I can change it any time with an allen key and a few turns of the limb bolts. If you turn three full turns loosened, you are down to 100 pounds, two is 120 pounds. Fully tightened, it is a powerful 150 pounds. The poundage can be customized perfectly for any shooter. Also, this allows the bow to be very user friendly for changing strings and such in the future. Goodbye to store bow presses and waiting weeks to have them work on your bow. With deer season around the corner, I shot mostly with the full 150 pounds for full power practice.

Well back to the review. That very evening I took the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow over to a seasoned deer hunter friend's house. I set up a foam block target and fired arrow after arrow clean through the target. At the high setting of 150 pounds arrows just keep going. After finding the arrows behind the target under my friend's lawn I can attest big game would be short work of this incredible bow. Needless to say were are all impressed.

When reloading the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow the shooter must remove the arrow quiver. That is done quickly due to the quick detachment lever which is red in color for quick I.D. when loading. There is an anti-dry fire feature and the bow can be decocked exactly the same way you load it. No more firing off old arrows like other crossbows to decock your bow. That is much safer for certain.

I took a little impromptu cell phone video introduction of  the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow to share. 

My wife stepped in front of the camera (well, her cell phone) to take a shot with the bow as well. She found the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow very easy to shoot, even with her smaller stature.

Firing the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow, I found it to be very light and extremely handy. With a traditional crossbow, the extra limbs jutting out the sides often throw off the good balance of a weapon. Also, walking down tight deer trails causes those same horizontal limbs seem to snag on everything possible. Stalking becomes a frustration, and the deer can hear all the commotion with no problems.

A vertical bow lines right up with target naturally. Stalking down skinny game trails, the bow is ready for a quick shot. At the same time when a shot is present unlike a traditional long bow or crossbow movement does not become an issue. Slide off the trigger block safety and you are ready for the shot. In a treestand or hunting blind, the smaller width allows more room to maneuver on those tight angle shots. Shooters with different physical limitations can put this versatile bow to great use also.

After shooting the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow, I can honestly say I am completely amazed by the forward thinking and construction of this weapon. Mr. Jerry Goff has made an incredible lethal weapon that will pack your freezer full of meat, not to mention being incredibly fun to shoot. I highly recommend the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow. Be sure to check out the Hickory Creek Mini In-Line Vertical Bow at his website. See everything that Hickory Creek Archery can offer you with great equipment that will revolutionize your archery experience.