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The Late and Ever Great Archery Guru Fred Bear [VIDEO]

Fred Bear is a legend that will never die.

While this master founder of modern archery has passed on, his impact lives on.

Watch this video and see what is being done to preserve his legacy.

Bass Pro Shops tell the saga of the archery guru and legend Fred Bear. This sportsman, conservationist and master bowman was on the forefront of filming hunting videos. Much of what Fred taught us about film production afield is still used to this very day.

Bass Pro Shops is preserving much of the original film footage from Fred Bear’s famous hunts. These amazing videos are part of the historical impact that Fred shared with us from his world years ago.

We are grateful for all Fred Bear has done for the sport of archery hunting. We also thank Bass Pro Shops for preserving his remarkable videos.

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The Late and Ever Great Archery Guru Fred Bear [VIDEO]