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TenPoint Crossbows Pushes the Envelope With New ACUslide Cocking and De-cocking System

Could this be the quietest and safest cocking system ever seen on a crossbow? Check out the ACUslide from TenPoint.

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies used the 2020 ATA Show as the launch pad for their brand new cocking and de-coking system dubbed ACUslide. According to the company, it's the first entirely silent and particularly safe mechanism ever put on a crossbow.

The ACUslide cocking system will be featured in TenPoint's new Vengent S440, Viper S400, and Vapor RS470 crossbows.

Here's a video showing the silent cocking and de-cocking process.

The ACUslide Cocking and De-Cocking System

As you can tell, there are no extra buttons or straps to engage, resulting in far less worry as you manipulate the system. At work is a heavy-duty 1,800-pound test nylon strap that needs no special maintenance and is long-lasting enough for thousands of shots, according to TenPoint.

The XTEND adjustable crank handle is 2.5-inches longer than TenPoint's previous cocking handles. When it's fully extended, it reaches 7.5-inches long, providing shooters with greater leverage. It also makes the crossbow 45% easier to cock.

Even releasing, just flat out letting go of the crank with your hand, is safe to do with the new ACUslide system. You don't need to worry nearly as much about injury to yourself, or costly bow damage with such a safe de-cocking mechanism.

And with only five pounds of force needed to crank the handle, even a youngster can do it safely.

The crank handle fits snugly into a mounting slot in what TenPoint's calling the TEC-X stock for storage, keeping it out of the way and close when you need it.

Along with the ACUslide is an industry-first Trigger Lock Latch, which keeps the trigger box in place after each cocking of the string. That removes the tension from the cocking strap and maintains consistent positioning every time. That translates to more accuracy, which TenPoint estimates as up to 48% tighter groups.

ACUslide is just one of the new features packed into the new TenPoint lineup, but it's the one getting the most attention.

TenPoint has already laid the foundation with past models and iterations, but they're regularly pushing forward with innovative technology like the ACUslide. That should help keep them in the top echelon of the crossbow market.



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TenPoint Crossbows Pushes the Envelope With New ACUslide Cocking and De-cocking System