10 Thanksgiving Pets We're Definitely Inviting to Dinner

Thanksgiving is the season of sharing. And this Thanksgiving holiday, we are inviting these pets to our Thanksgiving dinner.

With the Thanksgiving holiday here, no doubt the idea of giving thanks and spending some quality time with the fam is on all of our minds...

and of course, that glorious turkey day feast!

Yes, Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. After all, the holiday IS called thanks, giving. And we really can't think of a better time to give thanks to our pets. They've been with us through thick and thin, especially this year: from being your faithful WFH buddy to providing comfort during those Covid-19 anxieties and terrors, your pets have been by your side.

To keep the Thanksgiving spirit going, we are inviting these 10 Thanksgiving pets to our dining table this year.

1. Brodie Needs His Turkey... ASAP!

Brodie is a floofy Goldendoodle from Oklahoma City, OK. This adorable cutie loves whip cream, hikes with his mommy and daddy, and swimming. He also loves turkey — and will be perfect at our Thanksgiving dinner, working his cuteness for turkey, of course.

2. This Rabbit... Um, Turkey?

Charlie, or "The Char", is one smart bunny. Attending the University of Vermont with parents Kate and Maggie, this cute ball of fluff is EXCITED about turkey day. Anybody that excited about Thanksgiving is good in our book.

3. This Little "Dood"

This adorable and so-very-festive pup captures everything Thanksgiving is about — and expressed it perfectly in one sentence. We especially love the turkey drumsticks headband, and the many personalized bandanas this Boston pooch has. Well done, Charlie!

4. One Hungry Retriever

Mulligan is a two-year-old Golden Retriever from Michigan. This handsome boy Is head doggo at his own shop. He also loves his desserts, and loves to share — which is always welcome at our table. Just look at those gobble-tastic cookies!

5. This Mini Horse!

We adore miniature animals — like little Ava here. A mini horse from Florida, Ava just can't get any cuter. She lives with her family and young human siblings, and loves being patriotic. And what's more patriotic than Thanksgiving, a truly American holiday?

6. "No More Pictures. Is It Dinner Time Yet?"

Pugs just exude comedic genes. And this festive pug-mix from Toronto, Canada has got it all. Living with his other pug-mix brother, Cooper, sweet Paolo has it right; and is an inspiration for all.

7. "This Isn't What I'm Smelling!"

A mini doodle mix from Brooklyn in the Big Apple, this fashionable New Yorker really loves dressing up, and hanging out in his Brooklyn neighborhood of Dumbo. Finnigan the doodle is just thankful for any turkey he can get — even if it's just a toy. And that truly is the real spirit of Thanksgiving isn't it?

8. Chilly, Huh?

Spitfire the Whippet is just what we need this Thanksgiving. Wearing a oh-so-colorful and cheery Thanksgiving sweater, Spitfire is giving us all sorts of Thanksgiving feels.

9. What Is HE Doing Here?!


Peepers is a seven-year-old rabbit living its best bun life. This sassy bunny loves Thanksgiving as much as we do, and especially loves turkey, like its friend here.

10. Cat Pot Pie Anyone?

We just love Walternate the cat. He lives with his two Persian cat brothers: Walter Bishop and William Bell ("Fringe" fans will recognize these names!). These three bothers like to play dress up in their home in New York — and are just as excited for turkey day as we are!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And don't forget to thank your pets!

Do you have a pet you would like to invite for Thanksgiving? Which pet is that? Let us know on Facebook!

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