Calmest Doodle Entertains Toddler's Training Techniques

When it comes to training a dog, the entire family needs to get involved.

There's always that one person in the family who the dog seems to be especially bonded to, but dogs learn best if they receive training from more than one person. You don't want your pup to only respond to your commands and ignore everyone else in the house, and practicing obedience with all family members is an important part of training. All parents and children need to participate. Some see it as a chore, but this little girl is more than happy to do her part in training her pup.

Hadley is only a few years old, but she's already an experienced dog trainer. She likes to work with her family's fluffy pup named Gauge in reinforcing his obedience skills. As one of the calmest Golden Doodles you'll ever meet, Gauge is especially patient with his pint-sized handler. Hadley plops herself onto the floor armed with a pocketful of Gauge's favorite treats and gets down to business.

In this video, she's working on the "paw" command. She prompts Gauge to hand over one paw after another, and he's rewarded with her praise and a treat each time. Gauge effortlessly goes along with his little girl's game, and Hadley's joyful giggles make it no secret she's enjoying her role of dog trainer.

It might look like Hadley's casual training session is just for fun, but she's accomplishing a lot more than that. By taking control of Gauge's training, she's teaching her pup to respond to commands no matter who they come from. Gauge is used to listening to the adults in the family, but learning to listen to tiny humans that are a good bit smaller than him is a different lesson entirely.

Besides Guage benefiting from the extra training session, spending time together is also cementing their bond. Children develop powerful connections with their pets, and Hadley and Gauge are on their way to a life-long friendship.

Do your kids help train the dog? Let us know in the comments.

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