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16 Rabbit Cakes for Some-Bunny Special This Easter

These 16 rabbit cakes are sure to inspire you to make your very own special cake this Easter.

With Easter just around the corner, springtime animals are everywhere. Walk into any store and you'll see decorations in the form of rabbits and chicks, and sometimes even sheep. But there's one tradition that we just can't do Easter without: rabbit cakes!

There are tons of different ways to make rabbit cakes, so here are 16 adorable, hoppity cakes to get you inspired.

Simple, yet cute.

Who doesn't love a bunny butt?

A 3-D Easter rabbit.

These cakes are absolutely beautiful!

Quite the cute cake!

The happy rabbit cake.

The cupcake rabbit.

Too cute!

Possibly the cutest cupcakes ever!

Rabbits inside and out.

Mini bunny cakes.


A totally cute bunny butt.

Mini chocolate bunny cakes.

Cute rabbits in the grass.

Bunny cake pops.

As you can see, there's a cake option that can work for you no matter if you're an experienced baker or barely know your way around a pastry bag.

Planning on making a rabbit cake for Easter? Be sure to get pictures, and please share them with us with the #WideOpenPets hashtag or in the comments below. We'd love to see your rabbit cake creations!

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